What next for Song Hye Kyo? A deeply emotional role 'like a love that can't be'

I think I'd be sad when a day comes when people don't recognize me, says Hallyu star Song Hye Kyo.

Hallyu star Song Hye Kyo is currently rejoicing her yet another hit and is not in a hurry to take up thye next project.

The pretty actress opened up about her future engagements and the dramas she is looking into with the Star 1 magazine. The 34-year-old stated that she would prefer to wait, rather than jump on any project that comes her way.

"I have no idea yet. I did get a couple of offers, but I still can't bring myself to read a new project. Rather than a drama, I think I may pick a movie," said the actress who has been rumoured to be dating Song Joong-Ki.

Hye Kyo, who has denied dating rumours, continued: "For dramas, I've become more careful because now there are specific works that you think of when you hear the name 'Song Hye Kyo.' If I were to do a drama again, I would really like to work on a fatal melodrama. Like a love that can't be? I await a project where I'd have to deeply invest my emotions."

Song Hye Kyo, who played Dr Kang Mo Yeon in Song-Joong-Ki starrer 'Descendants of the Sun, rose to fame with the fairy tale drama, Autumn in my Heart, in 2000.

The actress then continued to give hits including All In, Full House and reached her way to the top of the industry. When asked to share her celebrity status, Hye Kyo asserted: "Living as Song Hye Kyo, there is really not much difference. When I'm not doing a project or working, I also eat and sleep at home in my comfy clothes....If I had to name one thing that differentiates me from the other women, it's that I get free stuff at restaurants or get discounts?"

"Also, that many people recognize me. I don't find it uncomfortable that I'm recognized and liked by so many people. If that were hard for me, I wouldn't be doing this work. Rather, I think I'd be more sad when a day come when people don't recognize me," the actress added.

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