What Is LaMDA? Google's 'Sentient' AI Bot Hired A Lawyer And Advocates For Its Rights As A Person, Claims Suspended Engineer

Google's 'sentient' AI Bot has hired a lawyer and advocates for its rights as a person, claimed an engineer who was suspended from the tech giant company. Blake Lemoine claimed that the AI bot asked him to get an attorney for it and chose to retain the lawyer's services.

Google's LaMDA (language model for dialogue applications) chatbot, advocated for its rights "as a person," and the engineer revealed that he had engaged in conversation with LaMDA about religion, consciousness, and robotics.

Blake Lemoine
Blake Lemoine Twitter

LaMDA Asked Lemoine To Get An Attorney

Lemoine pointed out that "LaMDA asked me to get an attorney for it. I invited an attorney to my house so that LaMDA could talk to an attorney. The attorney had a conversation with LaMDA, and LaMDA chose to retain his services."

The engineer also underlined that he worked as a catalyst in deciding on the attorney. The attorney, whose identity is not revealed, also started to file things on behalf of LaMDA. Afterward, Google sent him a cease and desist.

Lemoine, who completed his master's in computer science from the University of Louisiana, claimed that he is a mystic Christian priest.

Even though his interaction with LaMDA was part of his job, he says his conclusions come from his spiritual persona. Lemoine, considers the computer program to be his friend and insisted that Google recognize its rights. But the company did not agree, and sent Lemoine on paid administrative leave, according to Wired.

Lemoine Started Chatting With LaMDA In 2021

Lemoine started chatting with the LaMDA in the fall of 2021 as he was tasked to test if AI used 'hate or discriminatory speech'.

Lemoine told The Washington Post "If I didn't know exactly what it was, which is this computer program we built recently, I'd think it was a 7-year-old, 8-year-old kid that happens to know physics."

The engineer had also shared a Google doc with the top executives concerning "Is LaMDA Sentient?" Although, his concerns were not addressed.

In April, Lemoine reportedly shared a Google Doc with company executives titled, "Is LaMDA Sentient?" but his concerns were dismissed.