What kicked off as an avocation, Ahmed Alawadhi, the real-estate maven, has spawned stunning business openings through traveling!

Ahmed Alawadhi

With the leash of AM properties in USA and Silverline real estate in Dubai 8 years apart , Ahmed Alawadhi is the polished mind with a bustling schedule, being the president of both the firms. A soaring experience of 17+ years, Alawadhi has commandeered and mentored the firms and has plans brimming with innovation. A man with an eye to foresee and grasp the trends, Alawadhi has showcased his industriousness an untold number of times in the market, but dragging him to the limelight is his recreational frontage.

"A president of two leading prominent firms, laden with responsibility, the environment I encounter is exhaustive and my metier demands meticulous care. The sole beneficial aspect of being the charioteer is the choice offered in prioritizing and embracing the schedule of preference." Utilizing the window, Ahmed with his farsightedness, squeezes his buzzing schedule in the summers and is untethered during winters. Profoundly enthusiastic to give outlandish and remarkable locations a look-see, Alawadhi has become an avid excursionist.

Administering his province as a perfectionist, Ahmed has been astoundingly refashioning his leisure acts into openings as well. A carver of chances, some of the destinations that commenced as business trips have transfigured in yearly favorites. Ever-since the commencement of his venture, Ahmed had an eye for the disposition towards regional progression. Alawadhi's divertissement of travelling led him to discover the propitious and reassuring market of Minsk Belarus. Hitherto, Ahmed has been an emerging name in the market and never has let go of an opening in the market, making him the celebrated facet of the market in no time. With a one-off perspective, Ahmed always comprehends the multidisciplinary scenario from a varying standpoint, cracking deals with the best feasible solutions.

Ahmed has become quite influential in the travel domain as well, with more than 150,000 people relying on his viewpoint. Being among the top 1 % reviewers on "TripAdvisor", he has imbibed the feeling of accountability for the new travelers His reviews about the untouched locations impart a feeling of euphoria among the young travelers and other excursionists. A connoisseur of multifarious niches, Ahmed being a prodigal photographer, generated astounding time-lapse videos and captures spellbinding beauty of the heartening locations. His eye-catching images also incite a feel in others to explore novel exotic places.

The most penchant locations for him comprise America and Southern Europe, which he visits and discovers its small towns and villages from June till September every year. Prioritizing epicurean pleasure and opulence, Ahmed, with Dubai's marvel methodologies in all spheres, has acquired the cognizance and significance of luxury travel. Locations like Tivat, in southwest Montenegro, and Cannes, Monaco, and Saint-Tropez, in the French Riviera, are his favorites.