What Inspired Ruben Flores-Martinez to Start Cashdrop

Ruben Flores-Martinez

Many people wonder what the American Dream is and whether the set of ideals of that dream is at all achievable. While it's true that achieving the objectives can be challenging, it's not impossible. Ruben Flores-Martinez has first-hand experience of achieving the American Dream. At 13 years old, Ruben and his family had to immigrate to the United States from their hometown, Guadalajara. From then on, Ruben started to see the days of struggle. However, his inspiring story has helped many people work harder toward their goals and achieve what they want.

Ruben's childhood

Ruben always wanted to study computer science. He was fascinated with what computers could do and wanted to explore more. However, his immigration status prevented him from going to college and pursuing his dream. So while most kids his age were playing video games or hanging out with friends, Ruben watched YouTube videos on coding and taught himself how to build mobile apps and websites. By the time he was a high school student, he had enough knowledge to start an app development company.

He was always struck by how entrepreneurial and hardworking the people in his community were. It seemed like everyone was always starting new businesses or working on some sort of side hustle. Ruben admired how his neighbours always seemed to be striving for more, and he was motivated to do the same. That gave him the belief to start his own company. He decided he would not make ends meet like his parents by doing jobs he didn't like. Instead, he wanted to create jobs for others. And that's the idea that led him to start Cashdrop.

Running Cashdrop

In a world where e-commerce is increasingly dominating the retail landscape, it's no surprise that more and more entrepreneurs are looking to get in on the action. However, setting up an online store can be a daunting and expensive proposition, with many platforms charging hefty monthly fees. Ruben wanted to change that experience for budding entrepreneurs. He knows how tough it is to finally decide to leave a job and start something of your own. But since money is the biggest constraint for most people, he wanted to do something that didn't involve spending thousands of bucks.

Cashdrop is a mobile app that allows users to create an online store in under 15 minutes from their mobile phones. And the best part is that they don't have to pay commissions or monthly fees. Ruben wanted to disrupt the e-commerce industry and make it easier and more affordable for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. So he used his knowledge and experience in app building to develop Cashdrop and allow business owners to make money without spending thousands.

From watching YouTube videos on how to code to build an app that allows people to start their businesses, it's been a long journey for Ruben. However, he is still complacent and thinks he has much to give the world.