What Inspired Artist Michael Ramos to Become a DJ

Michael Ramos

DJing is an act of performing existing music in front of an audience. DJs design their mixes of recorded music and play it at parties and nightclubs. Michael Ramos is a DJ by profession who has been performing in various events since 2000. He is the founder of NuStyle Entertainment, a legit business for DJ services.

Michael chose to pursue his career as a professional DJ since high school. Ever since he was a kid, Michael loved music, but his financial circumstances conditioned him to make money by fixing and selling old cars for profit. He learned about DJing when he saw his uncle play, who also taught him to become a DJ. Despite being just a high school student, Michael performed for many middle school parties. Gradually, he earned enough to open a proper business, NuStyle Entertainment.

Michael has performed for many big corporate events and weddings. People love his DJing style because it is universal and fits the occasion's vibe well. NuStyle comprises diversity in music through lighting and sound that utilizes the latest technology to provide the experience of a lifetime.

Michael's DJing includes all the trendy songs and experimental mixes of genres to excite the crowd. He believes in personal development, so he is on a constant lookout to improve his mixing and style.

For Michael, the true inspiration to pursue a career as a DJ was his love for music and performing in front of an audience. He sees music as a way of bringing people together and giving them positivity. Michael loves performing at weddings and being part of an important event in couples' lives.

Whatever the occasion, he gives his best by putting out the best music ideal for the crowd. His musical style is unique and stands from other DJs because it conveys his message and defines his personality as a DJ.

Spend one musical night with DJ Michael, and you will see the stars of freedom in life. He believes that his role as a musician is to bring people together and leave them in a trance of self-reflection and motivation to achieve their dreams. Nothing makes Michael happier than seeing the crowd excitingly dancing to his mixes.

NuStyle is slowly growing into a big DJing business under the leadership of Michael. He has performed for quinceaneras, cotillions, and birthdays. Through NuStyle, Michael aims to bring something new and creative into the world of DJing.