What if SNES Classic disappears from the market as quickly as the NES?

Nintendo has promised that they would produce sufficient amount of SNES Classic consoles


As we had reported earlier, SNES Classic Edition not being relaunched but is all set to go on sale soon, although we don't know the exact time, gamers are already preparing themselves for a mad rush to get their hands on the first available pre-orders and secure their consoles for the fall. The launch of mini NES Classic Edition's launch had also increased expectations from fans until suddenly it disappeared from the market. Nintendo has promised not to make the same mistake with the SNES Classic and it has promised that the company will significantly increase the production of these units so there is no shortage of the consoles in the market. However, there are reasons to believe that SNES will be gone perhaps just as quickly as the NES.

The pre-orders for SNES Classic Edition went live shortly after the announcement of the launch in the U.K. and without much surprise, all the pre-order units sold out almost instantly. AS per the rolling update on Eurogamers regarding new stores' receiving and selling out stocks, it seems like only people to grab those consoles were the ones, who were camping out at their computers for stock updates or managing robots designed to buy them instantly, said Forbes.

Without a shock, the secondary markets are thriving already. Although we don't have stock numbers, the speed in which those things are selling out, they can only be either NES Classic or Nintendo Switch.

The fact that the stores listed on Eurogamers are receiving new stocks is an indication that things might be as bad as the NES Classic, which was launched last year and several stores received only one restock before the Black Friday. Although it's reassuring to know that more units of the new console are making its way into the market, we'll have to wait for the final judgment till the console gets launched in the U.S.