What happened between Lee Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye at Kiss the Radio

Park Shin Hye starred in hit series, Doctors

Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won
Park Shin Hye starred in hit series, Doctors Facebook/parkshinhyefan

F.T. Island's Hongki and actress Park Shin Hye showcased amazing chemistry at recent episode of Kiss the Radio. The Hallyu star, who is known to share a great friendship bond with the idol, appeared on the singer's debut episode on 17 October.

Park Shin Hye was on an overseas vacation but as a special request from Hongki, she came right away on the sets of the talk show. Relaying the chemistry between the two, the boy band member shared: "Because I'm so close to Park Shin Hye, I asked her if she could appear as a guest. I said, 'I'm the DJ, so come visit me,' and she replied, 'When do you want me to come?'

"She then asked, 'When's your first broadcast?' saying she'd come for my premiere broadcast. I was so grateful. I had sent her a food cart [to the set of her drama] once before, and I wonder if this is her way of repaying me. It's good I did that for her beforehand," he said.

The singer also revealed his affection for the actress by using some pleasant words to introduce her. "She is a South Korean actress, but to me, she is a girl who is a friend. Nothing more, nothing less, " he shared.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old Doctor's star also showcased her affection for the new debutant. She said: "When our Hongki gets excited, he misspeaks and his voice gets loud. Sometimes, he might seem distracted, but he's a friend who can relay bright energy. Please look after our Hongki, who knows how to empathize."

She also praised Hongki for putting in a personal touch into the conversations: "DJ Hong knows how to listen [to your situations] as if they're his own, which is what's so nice about him, so I have faith in him in that area," Shin Hye stated.