Park Shin Hye Kim Rae Won
Park Shin Hye starred in hit series, Doctors Facebook/parkshinhyefan

F.T. Island's Hongki and actress Park Shin Hye showcased amazing chemistry at recent episode of Kiss the Radio. The Hallyu star, who is known to share a great friendship bond with the idol, appeared on the singer's debut episode on 17 October.

Park Shin Hye was on an overseas vacation but as a special request from Hongki, she came right away on the sets of the talk show. Relaying the chemistry between the two, the boy band member shared: "Because I'm so close to Park Shin Hye, I asked her if she could appear as a guest. I said, 'I'm the DJ, so come visit me,' and she replied, 'When do you want me to come?'

"She then asked, 'When's your first broadcast?' saying she'd come for my premiere broadcast. I was so grateful. I had sent her a food cart [to the set of her drama] once before, and I wonder if this is her way of repaying me. It's good I did that for her beforehand," he said.

The singer also revealed his affection for the actress by using some pleasant words to introduce her. "She is a South Korean actress, but to me, she is a girl who is a friend. Nothing more, nothing less, " he shared.

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old Doctor's star also showcased her affection for the new debutant. She said: "When our Hongki gets excited, he misspeaks and his voice gets loud. Sometimes, he might seem distracted, but he's a friend who can relay bright energy. Please look after our Hongki, who knows how to empathize."

She also praised Hongki for putting in a personal touch into the conversations: "DJ Hong knows how to listen [to your situations] as if they're his own, which is what's so nice about him, so I have faith in him in that area," Shin Hye stated.