What is Dominion Voting Systems? Trump Blames Software for Voter Fraud in Arizona, Nevada

President Donald Trump posted a late-night tweet calling Dominion Voting Systems "horrendous" and blamed the software system for his loss.

President Donald Trump continued to allege voter fraud on Friday after presidential election results in Arizona and Nevada were called in for Democrat Joe Biden. He blamed the losses in the two states on Dominion Voting Systems — a vote-counting software that found itself at the center of conspiracy theories after Biden began taking a lead in multiple key states in the presidential race.

Trump posted a late-night tweet calling Dominion Voting Systems "horrendous" and blamed the software system for his loss. Twitter flagged the president's tweet by labelling it "disputed."

"Now it is learned that the horrendous Dominion Voting System was used in Arizona (and big in Nevada). No wonder the result was a very close loss," Trump tweeted.

Dominion Voting Systems took the center stage in the U.S. presidential election after a human error transferred thousands of Republican votes to Democrat votes in Antrim County, Michigan on Nov. 4. While the miscalculation was rectified, far-right forums made baseless claims that the software system malfunctioned in favor of Biden resulting in Trump's loss despite Michigan election officials clarifying the miscount was a human error.

What is Dominion Voting Systems?

Dominion Voting Systems is a private company that provides electronic voting hardware and software in the U.S. and Canada. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and its international headquarter is located in Toronto, Canada.

It is one of the largest companies in the U.S. to provide election hardware and software to local governments. Over 30 states used Dominion Voting Systems' voting machines to scan ballots and tabulate votes. It has been used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania — where barely-there margins were recorded in this year's presidential election.

President Donald Trump

Following the voter fraud allegations, the company issued a statement categorically dismissing claims of malfunctioned software or last-minute unauthorized update of the software. Dominion Voting Systems said there are no software glitches and ballots were tabulated accurately. The company also clarified that it was a non-partisan U.S. company.

"Dominion has no company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, or the Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, or any ties to Venezuela. Dominion works with all political parties; our customer base and our government outreach practices reflect this nonpartisan approach," the company said on its website.