What does 'The Rock' carry in his gym bag? Not certainly hot dogs made from lion intestines!

Dwayne Johnson, known as 'The Rock', recently allowed his fans to have a peek into his gym bag. Read on to find out what he carries to the gym

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Actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gestures. Reuters

Dwayne Douglas Johnson, best known by his ring name The Rock, carries some interesting stuff in his gym bag. Known to be one of the fittest personalities in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson recently revealed what he carries in his Project Rock 90 bag. If you think and assume that his bag contains or might have all workout-related products, then you are highly mistaken. The things he carries have surprised everyone and his fans have never been happier to know these details.

The Iron Paradise, the workout facility he has built in his Virginia home, is the gym he goes to. His Project Rock 90 bag contains his wireless headphones and a Maui doll. This doll was gifted to our 'Baywatch' star by his daughters Tiana Gia and Jasmine. Along with being a fitness enthusiast and influencer, 'The Rock' has managed to steal everyone's hearts by being a wonderful dad. Apart from the Maui doll and the wireless headphones, he also carries the "love note" his wife, Lauren Hashian had given him. How romantic!

The Rock
The Rock at an event in China The Rock/ Instagram

An interesting revelation is that Dwayne Johnson has admitted that he drinks tequila before his workouts! This is the most interesting fact any fitness influencer has ever made. His Instagram bio is also very catchy. It is "mana. gratitude. tequila." The list of odd things he carries doesn't end here. He carries the 'magic eight ball' that he uses mainly to get answers to questions he has no answer to or when he is trying to figure something out.

Most people prefer having protein shakes or egg omelette with avocado spread on toast as a post-workout snack. Well, Dwayne Johnson aka 'The Rock' has some idiosyncratic preferences. He brings along "lion dogs" as his post-workout snack. He says, "They look like hot dogs, but they're called 'lion dogs' and they're actually made from the intestines and the blood from lions." Don't worry, this isn't true. Turns out, he was joking all this while and there is nothing like "lion dogs" that exists.

The Rock
The Rock at the gym The Rock/ Instagram