What does Kim Jong Un like to eat? Details on poor diet leading to his health issues

The current health condition, as well as whereabouts of Kim Jong Un, are not known yet, amid rumours of his death, here are details about the food he loves to eat

Kim Jong Un who was born on January 8, 1984, is 1.7 meters tall and weighed around 130 kg, as per a report that was published in 2016. There were also reports on North Korean leader's health but nowhere his weight was mentioned. Here are details of why Kim Jong Un's weight increased after he took charge as the leader of North Korea.

A report in the Guardian stated that after taking charge of North Korean leader after the death of the previous leader Kim Jong Il in 2011. South Korean intelligence service had stated that Kim Jong Un binges on food and suffers from insomnia because of fear of being assassinated.

Kim weighed 120 kg in 2014: Report

north korea leader kim jong-un
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un guides a target-striking contest of the special operation forces of the Korean People's Army (KPA) to occupy islands in this undated picture provided by KCNA in Pyongyang on 25 August 2017 KCNA/Reuters

When he took charge n 2011, he weighed 90 kg, but in 2014 he was already weighing 120 kg, a report claimed that Lee Cheol-woo, a member of South Korea's ruling party had told this to journalists. It was said that later, he weighed 130 kg.

After this, there are no reports of the exact weight of Kim Jong Un. But reports regarding health concerns were there as he did not appear before the media for one entire month in 2014. When concerns about his health were raised, he appeared limping with a cane after a month. It was said that due to weight and food-related issues, he had developed a cyst in his ankle and had undergone surgery for the same. North Korean authorities had even admitted that Kim Jong Un suffered from "uncomfortable physical condition."

Following this, for the first time, Kim Jong Un was not seen in public on April 15, one of the most important days for North Korea as it is the celebration of North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung's 108th birth anniversary. Concerns about his health and now about him being alive are being raised due to his absence since the nationally important event on April 15.

What did Kim Jong Un like to eat?

Various reports claimed that Kim Jong Un loves binge eating. Snake Wine that helps improve virility, creamy Emmental cheese were two of his favourites, according to Newsweek. Kim Jong Un was out of public limelight a few years ago after eating too much of Emmental cheese that was freshly shipped from Switzerland which caused health concerns. A report in Daily Mail stated that he also loves sushi made with a fatty part of tuna. Another favourite food is Kobe Steak, beef and all kinds of red meat, that is said to have contributed to the increase of weight.

He is also fond of alcohol, a report in MSN stated that he spends around $30 million a year importing high-quality liquors including whisky and cognacs, and Hennessy is said to be one of his favourites. He is also said to have loved Brazilian coffee.

Sliced ham salami, pepperoni, and prosciutto were all popular topping choices on pizza for Kim Jong Il, father f the North Korean leader, as stated Ermanno Furlanis, in an earlier interview, who was recruited in 1997 to prepare pizza for the family. Kim Jong Un is also known as a heavy smoker and loved smoking designer cigarettes including Yves Saint Laurent.