What do Children look Forward to at School?

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BIS students

Most often than not students are often apprehensive and at the same time full of hope at the start of a fresh new year at school. At Bangalore International School there is always something new awaiting the youngsters. Each year brings its own unique experiences, challenges, and friendships. The school's nature is to bring students together and foster long-term relationships and bonds. In this piece, we shall explore some of the exciting activities that children may look forward to at reopen time here at BIS.

The curriculum at BIS demonstrates the school's dynamic ethos. Early Years, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and, of course, the Learning Centre are what make up the school. At every level, each component follows a well-planned strategic approach to studying and implementation of the multiple curricula we follow.

While the school's facilities are excellent for students from Kindergarten to High School, and they cover all academic areas, it is difficult to pinpoint what a child truly desires. As a result, children are given the opportunity to explore and discover what suits their individual tastes, with the bonus of having fun! "The more you read, the more you will learn, and the more you study, the more locations you will visit." - as Dr. Seuss has so eloquently stated. BIS students are ingrained with this motto from an early age, motivating them to read and dream big.

Let's take a look at some of the activities at BIS and some of the students' accomplishments.
The BIS's poetry slam is India's only inter-school poetry slam, encouraging young poets to put their thoughts and beliefs into words and offering them a platform to showcase their talent. Kalki Koechlin, a well-known Indian actress, and sister to one of our own students took part in the 2018 BIS Slam and performed 'Fairy Tale', a heartfelt composition about expectations and realities.
BIS has always been known for its rich performing arts curriculum, which is exhibited in its annual MADD Fest, a multiple-day event that features a variety of performances.

The Round Square approach guides students into becoming well-rounded, informed, responsible, principled, and confident global citizens. Programs and activities are based on Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership, and Service. BIS takes active participation in the Regional Conferences, the students have been going frequently to events held in various cities.

In the Model United Nations conferences, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate, make resolutions and resolve current issues on the organization's agenda. BIS receives several invitations throughout the year from various schools across the globe hosting MUN conferences.

The school dance troop 'Alibis' has participated in a number of international competitions. They have also performed at various places in and around Bangalore and are well known for their groovy moves.

Grade 6 - Vihaan's drawings were gifted to the Chief Guest Dr. Shobha Srinath, MD – Senior Professor, NIMHANS at the Art Festival.

Grade - 8 - Shashwat Ghosh's artwork was featured at 'The Outsider' Art show supported by the Kochi Biennale Foundation in 2019.

Grade - 12 - Zahan Setalvad won the silver medal in the National Equestrian Championship held in Delhi in Feb. 2021.

Grade - 12 - Sanjna Srikanth received the International Diana Award in 2014. She was recognized as an inspiring role model for the community by the Diana Award Committee UK.

The Ukefellas is another brainchild of the school's Music department and they have enjoyed the opportunities they got to perform both locally and overseas.

Don't be tricked into wondering, "Where do they find time for academics with so much going on?". Academics are the school's major priority, but each child's creativity is also encouraged. Children are happiest when they find a way to express themselves, and BIS has aided these young minds to blossom and discover their true talents!

This article was first published on December 16, 2021