What is 'Children of God'? Bexy Cameron Exposes Rape and Torture at Cult Set Up to 'Fight Antichrist'

WARNING: The article contains graphic and disturbing details.

Filmmaker Bexy Cameron has spilled the beans on religious sect 'Children of God', which operated in dangerous and perverted ways. Cameron has detailed the immoral acts perpetrated by the cult members in her book 'Cult Following: My Escape and Return to the Children of God.'

Cameron was forced to join the religious sect 'Children of God' by her parents in 1972 simply because she was accused at home for lying and being a stubborn child. She revealed her parents were so deep in to the sect that they lost their ability to think practically.

Bexy Cameron
Twitter / Bexy Cameron

At first, Cameron and other children were subjected to military-level training and were forced to run around empty fields for hours, lift heavy blocks, dig holes and fill them back.

The sect claimed the training was to prepare kids to be soldiers and fight the Antichrist, and would develop powers such as leaving out laser beams from their eyes and mouth against the devil.

Until the age of 15, Cameron was imprisoned to the hands of the evil religious cult along with her parents and 11 siblings. She made startling revelations that she was on the verge of being raped by an adult but narrowly escaped from the clutches of evil.

She revealed that adults were encouraged to have sex with children by the sect leaders and at the age of eight, she was told by a man to take off her clothes and get into bed with a boy of her own age. Luckily, she revealed that someone else walked into the room and she managed to escape, still clutching her clothes and ran with tears rolling down her eyes.

The filmmaker also recalled about a particular person named Uncle Jude (all adults were called aunts and uncles in the sect) and his lecture about rape. He had said then, ''Women in the System make such a big deal about sex. It's ridiculous, so many of them calling it rape. It's just sex. Get over it.'' All members of the cult including women agreed to his words.

Luckily, the Children of God cult was raided by government authorities in 1978 and the whole sect was abolished the same year. Years later, a few of the members rejoined to start The Family International, which was later renamed to The Family of Love. At present it is called The Family sect.

Who Started 'Children of God' And What Is It?

The Children Of God was founded and led by David Berg in California in 1968 and his followers called him Father David, Moses David, or simply The King. Reports state that majority of the cult members never got to meet him in person but only heard stories about him and his superpowers.

Children Of God began as a method of Evangelism planning to convert people in to the sect. Those who converted blindly followed every principle, including indulging in evil acts such as beating up, raping children and women.

The founder, David, died in 1994. He had published more than 3,000 letters in 24 years calling himself ''God's prophet for the contemporary world,'' and managed to get 130 communities around the world during his period.