What can you learn from Youtuber, Dan Dasilva?

Dan Dasilva

This modern age drop shipper and an expert E-commerce entrepreneur has trained many, helping them gain mastery over the space.

Some individuals have conquered specific realms, mastering that area to the core. Dan Dasilva is one of them who has done wonders around this space, having built successful drop-shipping websites generating about 7 figures in earnings. His favorite platforms include ClickBank and Shopify, the nitty-gritty's of which he shares in his informative videos on YouTube. Famous entrepreneur Grant Cardone's shout-out on his Instagram page about his impressive work says all about the kind of credibility he has generated so far. He stands amongst the few YouTubers to talk about his successful business model, which earned him a humongous following. He has been working closely with many other digital marketers to take the drop-shipping space to the next level.

Dasilva always had a desire to help young aspiring entrepreneurs who were struggling to set foot in this area, the reason he ended up creating the biggest e-commerce training community, eCom Dudes that got him wide recognition owing to its content which has helped many master the strategies that go into the making of a successful drop-shipping and affiliate marketing business. He spoke about his journey in detail on how he paved his path to become a millionaire in an episode of the Rise of The Young podcast, titled "Dan Dasilva From Felony To 7 Figure Entrepreneur At 22". Speaking about eCom Dudes academy, Dasilva says, "it features a comprehensive online course on how to build a revenue generating drop-shipping business using Shopify. It also teaches how to discover the right selling products on Facebook and replicate them by finding a supplier who would supply the same product, or its alternative. In short, it gives a wide view of how the drop-shipping business can be built into a high profit generating entity."

His YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9NBydVdaCiYocXZS1QkdsQ) which came into existence on April 5th, 2012 has loads of informative and educational videos as it covers all topics that are related to drop-shipping and online marketing. It has crossed over 146k subscribers till date, with millions of views on each of his videos. Here's one man who has taken the digital entrepreneurial space to the next level through his skills and in-depth knowledge, which has helped thousands in the process.