What Are You Laughing About? 'Moscow Mitch' Trends as McConnell Defends Covid Package

The clipping of a televised debate between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Amy McGrath has gone viral on social media. The clip shows McConnell laughing as McGrath counters him on coronavirus relief package.

McGrath questioned McConnell about allowing Senate to go on vacation during spring when COVID-19 pandemic was on peak. She was referring to a nearly $3 trillion relief bill. The coronavirus has killed more than 214,000 Americans by now.

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As the U.S. goes to poll in November, Russia, China and Iran are allegedly trying to influence the outcome (representational image) Pixabay

McGrath says: "The House passed a bill in May and the Senate went on vacation. You just don't do that. You negotiate. Senator, it is a national crisis". Meanwhile McConnell continues with his snarky laughter.

Reasoning voting him out of office, she says: "Sen. McConnell built a Senate that is so dysfunctional and so partisan that even in the middle of a national crisis he can't get it done".

COVID-19 deaths maybe a matter of joke for McConnell but it is definitely not for the American netizens, who are infuriated with his response on a televised debate.

Netizens are accusing him of working for Russian President Vladimir Putin and referring to him as Moscow Mitch for rigging the elections.

"#MoscowMitch has time to RUSH a justice to the Supreme Court, but NO time to help STRUGGLING KENTUCKIANS with a STIMULUS BILL. He stood by while 82,588+ KENTUCKIANS were INFECTED with CORONAVIRUS & 1,296+ DIED. Jefferson County had 19,646 Coronavirus CASES. DITCH lying MITCH!" a Twitter user wrote on McConnell's lack of empathy during the debate.

Another user wrote: "#MoscowMitch @senatemajldr thinks 215,000 dead, millions unemployed, millions facing eviction, millions getting sick with no insurance is HILARIOUS

It's ok, his buddy OLEG DEREPASKA will buy him the election."

The condemnation for Senate Majority Leader is rising. Jemele Hill, a writer, tweeted: "Kentucky deserves better than to have a condescending, power-hungry, compassionless, cold-hearted, elitist, hypocritical jackass represent them. Mitch McConnell doesn't serve his constituents, and he embodies every failure of our political system."

McConnell has dominated Kentucky's political landscape and has consistently led in polling as he seeks a seventh term. This was a crucial debate for McConnell as he also has to focus on keeping his post of majority leader while Republicans face difficulty in retaining control over Senate.

Meanwhile, the US remains worst-hit country with coronavirus at 215,086 deaths and 7,804,336 cases, as per the data from the John Hopkins University.

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