Whale Coin Talk Amas Offer Awareness For Projects In The Crypto Space

Whale Coin Talk

Over 750 people listened to the Whale Coin Talk AMA (Ask Me Anything) with FlokiInu. The AMA was held on the 24th of March at 5:00 PM UTC for subscribers, investors, and the community at large. The AMA instilled optimism in the logenvitivity of FlokiInu and the audience was fascinated by the principles on which FlokiInu is built and currently operating.

An Overview of the AMA Session

Several core team members represented FlokiInu during the WCT AMA. Questions revolved around the inception of FlokiInu, future plans, partnerships, marketing and other captivating topics.

The FlokiInu team believes if the shortcomings of other platforms can be rectified and implemented into a trusted user friendly platform, it can attract the support of entrepreneurs and the masses.

From the FlokiInu team, different members talked about the segments from the platform, in which they have expertise. While one team member talked about the basics of FlokiInu and how it works, other representatives talked about Valhalla (a PlayToEarn NFT metaverse game).
The three high-level representatives of FlokiInu were enthusiastic about the project and shared details of the current workings along with glimpses of future plans.

About FlokiInu

Powered by the FLOKI ecosystem, FlokiInu is a meme-based utility token relying on the community for its progress and growth. The four key earning modes include the Valhalla NFT metaverse game, the Floki University education program, the dynamics of the Defi, and the Floki Places (NFT and merchandise marketplace).

About Whale Coin Talk

Whale Coin Talk is a multichain AMA channel that hosts the largest number of AMA sessions. WCT holds multiple daily sessions with all sorts of projects in the crypto space. WCT also promotes giveaways and YouTube videos keeping the community engaged and educated on cryptocurrencies.