West Wing aides want Trump to take backseat during coronavirus briefings after disinfectant remark

  • Trump aides believe the President's off-hand remarks are affecting presidential election campaigns

  • His false claims are alienating him from his key voters

  • The aides want to stop Trump so as to prevent from hurting his own presidential campaigns

  • The 'off-the-cuff' remark about injecting disinfectant has left even his close aides shocked

The off-hand remark by President Donald Trump has left his deputies and colleagues shocked and word has it that The White House aides want the president to take a backseat during coronavirus task force press briefings as his tantrums and remarks were hurting his presidential race.

The 'off-the-cuff' remark about injecting disinfectant has left even his close aides shocked.


Trump aides since then are in damage control mode as they prepare a plan to cut down on President Donald Trump's presence during his coronavirus press briefings so as to prevent the president from damaging his chances with the key voters.

The Coronavirus press briefings have become President Trump's favorite place to take the lead, especially as he is missing out on the campaign rallies. To say the least, President Trump has made the most of coronavirus task force briefings that sometimes have stretched on for as long as two hours.

Besides, churning out false and unverified claims, President Trump has thrown tantrums, often misbehaving with journalists, who are critical of his policies. On Friday, the President was seen rushing out of briefing without answering any of the questions raised by the journalists.

What happened on Thursday?

President Donald Trump during the coronavirus task force briefing questioned whether injecting people with disinfectants and exposing patients' bodies to UV light could help treat the coronavirus.

His comments soon took the airwaves by storm as several medical professionals and even disinfectant manufacturers ended up issuing a warning to people against injecting or ingesting disinfectant or bleach.

Trump aides in damage control mode

The 'off-the-cuff' disinfectant remarks shocked even the close aides of Trump but blame the faux pax on an eagerness from the president to present positive news.

According to NBC, the West Wing aides and members of the coronavirus task force were taken aback as the President went off-script and seem "misinterpreted" information fed to prior to the briefing.

Trump losing to Biden

As per a recent poll, former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee was beating Donald Trump in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and nationally.

Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin played a key role in President Donald Trump's 2016 win over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

If Trump loses the four states on November 3, it will effectively ensure a win for Joe Biden.

And it is for these reasons, the West Wing aides are now trying to rein in the President, so as to ensure he does not damage his presidential campaign.

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