Were the Pictures of Angelina Jolie Showing Bruises by Brad Pitt on Her Hand and Elbow Photoshopped?

The appearance of Angelina Jolie's photos showing injuries on hand and elbow allegedly sustained during her fight with Brad Pitt on a private jet in 2016 have raised several questions, one being, were the pictures photoshopped?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are involved in a legal battle with the former alleging the latter of hitting her as they were travelling on a private jet with their children.

The ongoing war of words between the fans of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on social media has thickened with the actress revealing the photos of her bruised hand and elbow.

Is Angelina Jolie Inspired by Amber Heard?

On one side Pitt's fans have labelled the allegations as "fake" and "ingenuine" terming the pictures as "photoshopped copies" but Jolie's fans have expressed sympathy with her and called her a "straightforward" and "honest" individual.

In a report published by Page Six, Angelina shared the "black and white photocopies" of the photos of her injury to the FBI. She also provided handwritten pages, allegedly from her children, containing descriptions of the incident.

The report also refers to Jolie's allegations that she sustained injuries while saving one of her children from being hit by Pitt adding that he continued to drink during the two-legged trip, later pouring beer on her.

A few of the social media followers even went to the extent of saying that Jolie is trying to replicate what Amber Heard did during her legal battle with Johnny Depp.

A Twitter user shared his opinion adding, "Angelina Jolie injury photos: Alleged result of Brad Pitt fight. Why show such a misleading picture. Its not even clear and doesn't even look real pus the fact that you can photoshop anything so why all this news?"

Another user wrote, "the more beloved figure, the male movie star, taken at his word, while the woman, more complicated, less likable, is maligned, mocked and sometimes worse." #AngelinaJolie #BradPitt."

"I believe #AngelinaJolie Her children gave evidence why they didn't want to have contact with #BradPitt Brad was suffering with addiction uses around alcohol Brad admitted some of what the FBI investigated There's photos of injury I don't believe she alienated the kids," read a tweet.