Well known Fitness trainer Elvis Gjeci's social media encourages people to stay healthy and fit

Elvis Gjeci

With the help of the Internet, Social media has not only become a source of sharing personal experiences with others but also motivates millions of people on various levels. Since the popularity of fitness related social media accounts has grown, we caught hold of one such Instagram account that inspires millions of people to get into the right shape immediately.

Elvis Gjeci, an Italy based fitness trainer and professional gymnast with an immense fanbase on social media is setting the right example for all the fitness freaks out there. Elvis was an artistic gymnastics athlete for 15 years and part of the CONI center in Tirrenia. He was one of the six representatives from Italy to take part in a series for Netflix under the direction of Sylvester Stallone for the Italian edition of the beautiful Bianca Balti and Francesco Facchinetti.

Elvis keeps everyone hooked to his intense workout videos that go viral within no time. With every content, Elvis tries to educate people about fitness and health as much as he can. His social media content surely did grab multiple eyeballs so much so that he received opportunities that paved his way to success. After his sports career, Elvis started working with a company that dealt with shows in which he did performances based on acrobatic exercises and games with fire and LEDs. Eventually, it opened Hollywood doors for him and that's exactly how he was contacted for the selection of this American program.

Elvis Gjeci is a professional figure in charge of managing the physical activities of those who approach or practice physical activity to improve their health or fitness. His background is interdisciplinary and in continuous training and updating, in general, his activity consists of educating his client about healthy lifestyles and planning and carrying out workouts aimed at a specific purpose.