Well-Dressed Gunman Robs NYC Bodega at Gunpoint on New Year's Day [Video]

Netizens were impressed with the 'wardrobe' of a robber in a suit, who looted an NYC Bodega at gunpoint on New Year's Day.

A 'well-dressed' man robbed an NYC Bodega at gunpoint on New Year and people can't stop talking about his 'smart' wardrobe and body language. NYPD informed on Monday, January 3 that a smartly dressed and masked crook robbed an East Village bodega on Saturday. The man was carrying a gun. He was 'well-dressed' in a suit and wore a mask.

Authorities noted that the masked gunman looted the Villager Smoke Shop on East 9th Street near Avenue A after terrorizing the clerk with a gun. The incident is said to have taken place at 9:15 pm. According to police, the suspect initially asked the 21-year-old clerk about products available for purchase before brandishing a black and silver gun in his waistband. The identity of the clerk is not clear at the moment.

The identity of the suspect is not known as of yet. He donned a white shirt, grey trousers, a blue coat, and black, sleek shoes.NYPD has released footage of the incident in hopes of finding the perpetrator.

Footage of the robbery
Footage of the robbery Screen grab - Twitter/NYPD

'Well-dressed' gunman

The robber demanded cash from the clerk and threatened to kill him. The video showed the gunman touching the gun lodged in his waistband as he 'casually' talked to the clerk. Police noted that the suspect then grabbed $700 from the cash register, the clerk's mobile, and Apple Airpods before fleeing the scene.

NYPD released the footage of the robbery on Twitter and noted that the suspect displayed a firearm, then removed property from a store employee and cash from the register. "Any info? DM
@NYPDTips, or anonymously call 800-577-TIPS," the tweet read.

'A robber at high level'

Netizens seemed impressed by the robber's choice of clothes for the crime. "Looking forward to seeing his clothing choices when he is doing the perp walk out of the Pct. on his way to Manhattan Central Booking!" one person tweeted.

"Wearing mask and properly dressed. That's how robbery is done in New York nowadays. Impressive!" another tweet read.