Welcome Halloween: Top 5 haunted places in Singapore

We present you the top five haunted places in Singapore which will give you sheer nightmares.

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Sometimes, reality may turn more unbelievable than fiction. The concept of ghosts is something like this, as no science has disproved the presence of these entities. Parapsychologists and ghost researchers all around the world believe ghosts are real, while atheists simply call it blunder. As the whole world is now celebrating Halloween, we present the top five haunted places in Singapore which will send chills through your spine.

Old Changi Hospital

Old Changi Hospital
Old Changi Hospital Facebook

When it comes to haunted places in Singapore, Old Changi Hospital holds the prime position. Many parapsychologists strongly believe that the hospital is filled with spirits of people who got killed by the Japanese military during World War II. Some other people claim that the hospital is haunted by the spirit of a deceased security guard who took his last breath under mysterious circumstances.

Changi Beach

Changi Beach Reuters

Changi Beach is another spooky place in Singapore which is capable of giving you nightmares. The story behind the haunting in Changi beach is also connected to World War II. During the peak of World War II, the Japanese military murdered 66 Chinese men on this beach, and as per ghost hunters, the souls of these deceased people still roam around in the vicinity to scare people.

Bedok Reservoir

Canoes are seen moored at Bedok Reservoir in Singapore, at sunset
Bedok Reservoir Reuters

Some years back, a mother and child were found dead in the Bedok reservoir, clad in red clothing. Till now, many people have reported instances where they saw the spirits of the dead mother and son. Some other people claim that Bedok reservoir is such a haunted place where water demons used to drag people to the water, thereby leading them to the vicious face of death.

The Yellow Tower

This is another scary place where people have witnessed ghosts and spirits. As per ghost believers, a young lady was gang-raped and killed in this place, and from then, the spirit of the lady is roaming around the place seeking the vengeance of the lifetime. Many joggers used to report that they have heard screaming sounds from the tower, but upon investigations, nothing was found.

Choa Chu Kang cemetery

Choa Chu Kang cemetery
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The mystery surrounding Choa Chu Kang is really puzzling, as many people have reported ghost encounters associated with this place. Many taxi drivers have told that they have encountered people who ask for a lift to the cemetery, but vanish during the journey.