Weki Meki Member Kim Doyeon Announces Big Screen Debut with 18 Youth

Weki Meki member Kim Doyeon has announced her big-screen debut with the film 18 Youth. The upcoming Korean movie is set to be released next year. The K-pop idol shared her excitement about being a part of a big screen project during the script reading event.

The singer-cum-actress, 23, said she was nervous and excited at the same time about this new project. She asked the fans for their support and promised them to show a new side of her through this movie.

"I'm nervous and excited because this is my first film. I'll try my best to show a new side of me, so please show lots of support," the Weki Meki member said.

18 Youth is an upcoming Korean movie featuring Weki Meki member Kim Doyeon and actress Jun So Min in lead roles. Doyeon will portray a high school student named Soon Jung in the film. The student, 18, feels uncomfortable around her eccentric homeroom teacher because she finds her annoying.

Weki Meki member Kim Doyeon
Weki Meki member Kim Doyeon Instagram


The movie will feature actress So Min as a famous high school teacher named Hee Joo. She becomes popular among the students due to her unconventional educational perspective. But the teacher gets scorned by her student Soon Jung and fellow teachers.

"I could relate to Hee Joo, who tries to communicate with her students in her way. I will try to portray the quirky yet charming friend-like teacher, so please look forward to it," So Min said.

The film is based on a novel of the same name. Production company, 26 Company, is producing the movie. The production company shared the photos of So Min and Doyeon from the script reading event. According to the firm, the production process for the film began on Saturday (August 5) at a school in Cheongju.