Mysterious ice balls washed ashore Hailuoto beach in Finland; locals baffled

Round balls of ice shows up at a beach in Finland and locals are baffled that it has spread miles across the seashore

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Ice balls, some exactly round in shape and some in the shape of eggs have mysteriously shown up at the Hailuoto beach in Finland and baffled the locals and tourists. Many people from around the area revealed that they haven't seen anything like this before and a few locals confirmed they've seen these ice balls previously, but could be counted in numbers. The new ice balls that has now reached the shores seem to cover several miles, which is something new and never seen before.

"This was (an) amazing phenomenon, (I've) never seen before. The whole beach was full of these ice balls," said Tarja Terentjeff to CNN, who stays an hours drive from the area. She revealed that she lives about 35 miles away in Oulu and drives and take a 30-minute ferry ride from the mainland to the beach because ''it's such a beautiful place'' to see.

Another local, Sirpa Tero, who lives around the area told CNN, that she's ''seen this before, but not over such a large area'' and said ''it seemed to cover miles.'' Sirpa also shared a picture of the seashore covered with mysterious ice balls on her Instagram handle and delighted her followers and other people around the world for its scenic and strange beauty.

Comments such as ''These are amazing!'' and ''That is mother nature'' dominated the post and the pictures went viral on social media. It's only a matter of time when tourists in Finland will now flock to the Hailuoto beach

While everyone is wondering how on earth these ice balls formed and reached the Hailuoto beach in the first place, CNN Weather came up with an explanation that the ice balls were formed when the turbulent waters near the seashore broke up a layer of slushy ice and the layers stuck together and build upon each other in the super cool water. As the waves crashed ashore, it caused the ice to spin in place, which then got smoothed and turned into ice balls.