Weird flash lights shocked New York people; officials assume sudden meteor shower

Saratoga County residents witnessed flashlights and explosions in the night sky but the source or cause is not clear

Over two dozen people from Saratoga County, in New York, mentioned about witnessing an explosion and flash of green light on Sunday, December 29, 2019. As per the reports they first thought that it was nothing but a meteor.

The officials received at least 30 calls on emergency telephone number 911 at around 10.45 pm. They told the sheriff's deputies that the calls came from several places such as Edinburg, Providence, Galway, Greenfield, Milton and Ballston Spa.

The weird incident in Saratoga County

As reported by WRGB Sheriff Michael Zurlo stated that after reaching the destination the authorities though that a transformer might have exploded. But he mentioned that if such a thing happened, anyway there was no chance that people from different places would witness the incident.

Zurlo stated that they called the FAA to determine whether any aircraft was up in that time but they came to know that there nothing was flying due to poor weather conditions. "We notified the West Milton naval base; they had no activity there. We called the National Weather Service to see if maybe it was thunder, lightning -- they had nothing," he further added.

Meteor shower
Meteor shower Pixabay

Was it a meteor shower?

As mentioned by The Daily Gazette, director of the Dudley Observatory at Siena College in Loudonville, Valerie Rapson stated that the explosion most likely was caused by a meteor. Rapson told that the people saw something like a bolide which suggest that it could be a large metallic rock that comes in and explodes in the atmosphere.

Such astronomical phenomenon was rare but Rapson told WTEN that these incidents are hard to predict and while entering earth's atmosphere with force, the space rocks can break into pieces. Rapson advised the members of the public to not get panicked or nervous if they come across such astral events.

While Rapson stated that the US space agency is "watching for the really big meteors. There are no really big meteors that are going to hit us anytime soon," Zurlo said that three meteors were on a route to Earth on December 29, including one space rock that reached the planet around 11 pm. In addition, Zurlo also mentioned that it would take NASA scientists a few days to determine whether a meteor caused Sunday's astronomical incident or not.

"We're at a loss of words at this point. We had no idea where it originated from, but we're still continuing to make phone calls to try and find out what took place," Zurlo told The Daily Gazette.

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