Weird creature with pulsating tentacles take internet by storm [VIDEO]

A creepy creature with pulsating tentacles protruding out of its abdomen has taken internet by storm.

Terrifying Insect
YouTube video Screenshot

A video of a creepy creature with pulsating tentacles protruding out of its abdomen has taken the internet by a storm. Soon after the video went viral, many alien buffs claimed that it is of extra-terrestrial origin. But now, it has been learned that this creature is a harmless moth found in South East Asia and Australia.

Alien speculations went wrong

As the video went viral, people blindly assumed that this creature is an alien. Some other people claimed that the video is a fake one intended to fetch views.

But further investigations revealed that this frightening looking insect is actually a Creatonotos gangis moth. The tentacles are harmless, and they are used by the creature to produce pheromones which will help the insect to attract its mates. The insect has a considerable size, and its wings expand up to 4 centimeters.

The insect is primarily harmless, but its larvae can cause immense damage to the foliage of pomegranate trees.

Cat-like creature with human head

Another similar video which features a bizarre cat-like creature with a human head is also going viral on the Internet. The video of the creature was reportedly taken from Malaysia. While some people believed in the video, some other group claimed that the weird creature is nothing but a silicone sculpture. As the video went viral, police officials in Malaysia have revealed that the video is fake, and added that the pictures were taken from the Internet.