Weibo users troll Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun for using an iPhone

Lei Jun had shared a post on Weibo recommending a list of books he loves via an iPhone

Picking a smartphone is considered a statement of choice for many. Especially so when the person holds the position of CEO or CXO of any famous rival company. Ironically,many head honchos from various Chinese smartphone makers were found using iPhone earlier. And now, Xiaomi's CEO Lei Jun was also reportedly found using an iPhone device personally.

Xiaomi CEO using an iPhone?

Naturally, the news attracted a massive backlash in the social media where some Xiaomi fans lashed out at the Xiaomi CEO for his choice of devices. The news might be shocking for many Xiaomi smartphone users since they feel iPhones are overrated and overly expensive devices in contrast to the features they offer.

According to the Gizmochina report, Lei Jun had shared a post on Weibo recommending a list of books he loves. But since the Chinese social media auto-detects the device of its users and embeds with every post, the post added the iPhone model he was using.

Xiaomi Lei Jun iPhone
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun found using an iPhone GizmoChina

The backlash continues

After the social media uproar from a plethora of Weibo users, Lei Jun deleted the post. Later he shared the same post from Xiaomi's latest smartphone Mi 10 Pro. Though Jun didn't say anything in his defence, Pan Jiutang, a partner in the industrial investment department of Xiaomi has come out supporting Lei Jun.

Jiutang said most of the smartphone maker chiefs or product managers use devices from reputed brands like Apple, Samsung and many other competing brands. He added that the reason behind using a competitors device is not because they are fond of it, but to find out the experiences they offer. Smartphone makers often copy others innovation and improvise it in their own product, he added.

Other instances

In reply to Pan Jiutang's post, a Weibo user claimed that both Lei Jun and Huawei's Ren Zhengfei are using iPhone devices. He even claimed that Meizu's Li Nan and Oppo's Shen Yiren are also using iPhones in their personal life. Earlier Huawei's CEO Richard Yu and Realeme CEO were found using iPhones.

iPhone rules in Asia

Apple iPhones have tasted significant success in many Asian countries recently. Recently an IDC research claimed that iPhone 11 is the most popular flagship smartphone in India. The iPhone 11 repeated the same success rate in the Republic of China. It remained the best selling smartphone in the country for consecutive 7 months.

Xiaomi beats Samsung in India
Representative Image: The logo of Xiaomi is seen inside the company's office in Bengaluru, India, January 18, 2018 REUTERS/Abhishek N. Chinnappa