WECOFA Co-Founder Davis Koh Reveals What Excites Him Most About His Business

A person who is full of hopes and dreams always knows how to attract the best things in life. No matter what challenges arise, some people never give up. Entrepreneur Davis Koh's journey is just like that as he always believed in his ability to change his world for the better and help others along the way.

He is the co-founder of WECOFA also known as "We Create Opportunities For All", a leading digital marketing company in Singapore that aims to help not just businesses but also the vulnerable individuals that fell through the cracks of society.

After his first two initial ventures that didn't make it, Davis didn't give up. He kept working and learning as much as possible until he found the next best thing to start with. In 2018, alongside his business partner, Ken Ong, they both started WECOFA and worked really hard to make their company stand out in the industry.

Davis Koh

In the last 2-3 years, the company has become one of the promising start-ups in Singapore. Despite the current milestones that Davis has achieved, he is still hungry for more. When asked what influenced him the most in his life, he shares, "My parents. I always wanted to make them proud and provide for them the best that I can so as to give thanks to them for bringing me up to who I am today."

Davis Reveals What Excites Him Most About WECOFA

Davis was asked what excites him most about WECOFA. Davis shares, "What excites me most at this current moment is to be able to help these SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to turn the tide to their favour and harness the power of digitalisation to level up their business. Whether it's helping them to grow more digital sales channels, offering their products into other countries, or even running a Facebook marketing campaign to get more sales, having the ability to help businesses survive and thrive excites me especially for those businesses that are dying but got revived as a result of digital marketing."

Since the beginning of this pandemic, his company has helped many such business owners to get back into the game. He says that many businesses have suffered as a result of this pandemic as they weren't prepared enough digitally.

He shares that when a business is affected, it is not just the business owners that are affected but the people working inside the company and also the family members that are depending on the people that are working inside. Davis added that "when you are able to see the bigger picture of what we are doing here, it will be more than a digital marketing campaign".