Wearing contact lenses while sleeping could cause eye infections

Human eye
Human eye Pixabay

A set of six study reports published in the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine has revealed that improper usage of contact lenses including wearing them during sleep time will result in dangerous eye infections of cornea like microbial keratitis. Scientists also warned that being the victim of these infections may finally result in blindness.

"Sleeping in your contact lenses is risky and can lead to infections, or in some cases, permanent damage. Falling asleep, or even napping, without removing your contact lenses can significantly increase the likelihood of serious health problems," said Jon Fleming, an assistant professor at the University of Mexico and the lead author of the study, theweek.in reports.

Fleming also added that it is common practice among people to sleep with contact lenses, and many are doing this without understanding the risks associated with this habit. In the study report, Fleming also cited the example of a man who was evaluated for eye redness and blurry vision after sleeping and swimming with contact lenses.

The man was later diagnosed with bacterial and fungal microbial keratitis. In another case, a woman who bought contact lenses from a drug store without prescription developed a corneal ulcer that will finally result in scarring.

The study report also cited some other examples where people who wore contact lenses during sleep time developed perforated cornea. A perforated cornea is a very critical condition, and if not treated urgently, it will result in permanent blindness.

Fleming also urged contact lens users to take proper care in order to avoid a trip to emergency services which may finally cause dangerous effects on vision.

"Sleeping in lenses is one of the riskiest and most commonly reported behaviours for adolescent and adult contact lens wearers. If you want to avoid infection and avoid a trip to the emergency department, proper eye care is a must," added Fleming.