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The singular niche specialist approach to business ownership in the recruitment industry can be expensive and high-risk in a volatile market with new business owners opening with little to zero support. The time, energy, and resources required to successfully scale a recruiting business can limit long-term growth and financial success. We partner with you to launch your own recruitment agency and scale your business to become highly reputable, successful, fully operational, and profitable from day one.

We bring you clients and candidates and provide the technology, databases, automation, marketing, management, systems and support you need to dominate your market with a range of tailored flexible packages that suit your individual approach and goals. Partnering with We Recruit Group to launch your recruitment business provides independence, security, and long-term growth potential.

You own your business. We help run your business. It's that simple.

Our vision is to provide our business partners the opportunity to achieve their full potential without the risk and time consumed by running a business. We strive to inspire, lead and support our partners by backing their entrepreneurial spirit and industry experience as they step into business ownership and reap the rewards that owning a business can provide.

We provide a flexible business solution that is completely scalable to suit your business goals. We give you the power of a global business at your fingertips. Take on the world or your local industry. It is up to you. We are not a franchise system providing just a business brand and a website. We are not a self-help coach with expensive once a month pre-recorded sessions that claim to give you the keys to a million dollar business, nor are we a simple tech solution for you to learn and implement yourself.

We are the best of these models plus so much more. And the best thing is - is we do it for you. Our unique approach solves the three biggest challenges when starting your own recruitment company. Attracting clients, finding talent, and general time consuming tasks of running a successful business.

We are your tech stack. We are your marketing division. We are your database management nurturing solution. We are your business development team. We are your candidate manager. We are your bookkeeper. We are your business manager. We are your recruitment coach. We are so much more.

We are your partner in everything that you need to own a highly successful recruitment company.

Having recently launched in USA we are now represented across Australia, UK and USA providing the backing of a global brand. Partners own their business, own their data and have the ability to scale and sell their asset whilst being a part of a global brand and recruitment community.

Operating for the last three years We Recruit. Group have pioneered the recruitment partnership business model. Some other companies are trying to emulate our success but their offerings don't stack up to our opportunity whilst costing the partner more money each month. They also provide support that is AI-based and a once a month business call and leave the partner to run their business themselves. One of our core differences is that we are people based. Whilst our App and technology make things more efficient, our services are provided by our team of specialists to ensure that the correct delivery of service is being provided every time. We schedule calls up to 3 times a week to provide all the assistance possible compared to a business coach call once a month.

We are actively seeking new partners to join our unique model in recruitment ownership. You own your business, we run your business. It's that simple

We are a recruitment company opportunity unlike any other in the market. Keep up to 80% (or more) of your monthly billings compared to an industry standard of 30% after the earning threshold is reached.

We are targeting new recruiters to join us. We can discuss how our model has more than tripled the average recruiter monthly billings.

One of our partners has recently been featured in a business book that is Number 1 on Amazon and currently drafting their second book.