Way V member Lucas Wong Apologises to Fans Over Cheating Accusation; Takes Time Off K-pop Career

Way V member Lucas Wong, whose real name is Wong Yuk Hei, has decided to take a break from his K-pop career, following several netizens who came forward with cheating accusations against him. The Chinese rapper apologized to his fans for his past behaviors through an Instagram post on Wednesday.

The singer, 22, is part of several K-pop boy bands and groups, including NCT, Way V, and Super M. He had many projects lined up for the upcoming days, but the rapper stated that he has decided to take a break from his music career. It is because some of his fans, who claimed to be his former lovers, came forward with the accusation that he misused his fame to cheat on them.

In his Instagram post, the K-pop star apologized to all his fans worldwide for his past behavior and asked the accusers to give him a chance to apologize. The rapper also stated that he needs time to reflect on his actions, and he wants to take a break from his career.


Allegations against Lucas Wong

A few netizens came forward on a social media platform called Weibo, opening up about how the rapper cheated and manipulated them. While one of the accusers is a South Korean, the other person is Chinese. Both the accusers stated that they were involved in a romantic relationship with the K-pop star. According to them, he took advantage of them romantically and financially.

The accusers stated that they were fans of the Chinese rapper, and he took advantage of them. He did not just ask them to buy him expensive gifts but also attempted to sleep with them. Both the accusers also stated that he lied to them several times while they were in a relationship and pretended to be very sincere to them.

Lucas Wong
Way V member Lucas Wong takes a break from K-pop career. Instagram/Lucas Wong

Way V Postpones Upcoming Song Release

A new song by Way V was set to release on August 25 at 5 pm Hong Kong Time. It is titled Jalapeno, and Wong made it in collaboration with band member Hendery. The release of the song has been postponed for the time being.

Meanwhile, the boy band is getting ready to release their new album in the upcoming days. It remains to be seen how this controversy against the rapper will affect the band and its members.

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