Waukesha Victim, 11, Asks Doctor to 'Glue her Back' After Suffering Organ Failure

An 11-year-old girl who was performing at the parade suffered serious injuries when a speeding car plowed through the crowd, killing 5.

Jessalyn Torres, 11, broke her pelvis when a speeding SUV plowed the crowd gathered for a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday, November 21. The horrific car crash claimed 5 lives and injured as many as 48 people many of whom were reportedly children. The driver behind the wheels, Darrell Brooks, a rapper with a long rap sheet was arrested by the police. The intent behind his actions, however, was not clear at the moment.

According to the New York Post, 11-year-old Torres who was one of the victims of the Waukesha car crash sustained serious injuries including suffered a broken pelvis, a failed kidney, lacerations to the lungs, and the remaining kidney as well as internal bleeding. Jessalyn's uncle Ryan Kohnke told The Sun that she's confused and doesn't really know what's happened to her. "When I spoke to her this morning on the phone, she said to me, 'Tell them to just glue me back together,'" Ryan said. She was intubated to make her more stable, Ryan noted.

Wisconsin SUV attack
The red SUV seen speeding past the parade and plowing down people Twitter

Jessalyn Torres performed at the parade

The Sun reported that Jessalyn Torres attended the parade with her mom Amber Kohnke and her sister Averie, 2. She performed with the Waukesha Xtreme Dance group before being injured by the speeding SUV. Jessalyn has two other siblings, Ryan said. He further noted how Jessalyn loves to dance and has a huge personality.

'There were bodies all over'

Ryan, who was also present at the scene when the accident occurred and described the horror tale he and his two children lived in. He said that he saw the speeding car plowing through the crowd and police trying to stop him. He knew his family was there but when he called out his sister, Amber, he didn't get an answer. Describing the scene as a war zone, Ryan further added that he grabbed his two children and ran. "There were bodies all over," he said.

Some social media sleuths compared the incident to the Kenosha shootings and called it an act of 'domestic terrorism'. Others claimed that Brooks, who has a long rap sheet, was fleeing a knife fight when he crashed the parade.