WATCH viral video 'Hwages' that highlights oppression of Saudi Arabian women

Hwages features women dressed in full Islamic dress and participating in various activities.

A video of a pop song titled 'Hwages' highlighting the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia has gathered millions of views on social media.

Since the video 'Hwages', which is loosely translated in English as 'Concerns', was uploaded in late December, it has been viewed nearly three million times on YouTube. Saudi Arabian women are seen skateboarding, playing basketball and dancing.

Hwages features women dressed in full Islamic dress and participating in various activities, singing lyrics that include: 'If only God would rid us of men'.

The video, created by media production company 8ies, appears to express the frustration of women because of the male-dominated society in Saudi Arabia. All the major decisions of what women can do such as permission to travel abroad or to undertake higher education are generally taken by male guardians in Saudi Arabia.

In response to the video, one user commented on YouTube saying: "Unbelievable video clip!! The voice is bad and the content is worse.. Imagine the girls drive (cars) and men are dressed like that and dance. May Allah protect us."

While another user was seen commenting: "The video clip is beautiful. With all the comedy, it shows one aspect of oppression girls are subjected to."

"Foreign newspapers are mentioning it. Creatives - let the world know that there are talented people who appreciate art in Saudi Arabia. It is not all about religious police, clerics IS members and retardation," said a third user.

This is the latest content on social media that has highlighted the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia. In 2013, a Saudi comedian had recorded the song "No Woman No Drive" about women, who were not being allowed to drive.