Watch these four old classic movies on Amazon Prime this season

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People pass a signage at Amazon's Prime Now fulfillment centre in Singapore 22 July 2017 (Edgar Su/Reuters)

Amazon Prime is not only delivering the top-class movies and shows but also some classic movies that we missed to watch or we love to watch it regularly. Today, we have brought you the list of top four classic movies one should watch on Amazon Prime in their free time. These are movies that got a tag of the cult cinema after the so much appreciation and love from the audience.

Get the best four classic movies to watch on Amazon Prime:

Once Upon A Time in America - Sergio Leone directorial gangster epic drama shows the chronicles 50 years in the crime underworld in New York City. The show had legend actors like Robert De Niro and James Woods as lifelong friends whose partnership into the chaos. The film showed an amazing journey of two gangsters.

Rocky - The film is known to be the identity of actor Sylvester Stallone, and the actor played the leading role in the film. This Hollywood classic is about a little man winning big, this triple Oscar-winning boxing drama is shot through with a genuine impassioned commitment. The film turned a cult classic and even the leading actor Stallone feels that this was his best hope of stardom.

Ocean Eleven - Director Steven Soderbergh directorial film has George Clooney and his A-list pals hade fun in the Las Vegas sun. The film was a loosely remake of 1960 Rat Pack Venutre of the same name. George Clooney stepped into the shoes of Frank Sinatra as Donny Ocean. Donny Ocean has come out of jail but still, he makes a plan to pull off an audacious heist with the team of 10 man crew.

Fight Club - David Fincher directorial film had Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and underground group who beat the living daylights out of each other just for fun. It is surely one of the greatest Hollywood cinema of all time, no doubt it will always make its place in Amazon Prime best movies.

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