Watch Jang Geun Suk eating real snake for SBS drama 'Daebak' [PHOTO]

'I doubted that it'll be a real snake, but they actually brought one, so I filmed it with a real snake.'

South Korean actor Jang Geun Suk will always make your heart skip a beat with his immense acting skills. The wonder actor is known for teeth-clenching acting scenes and the bizarre live props he uses for his realistic enactments.

Recently in an SBS historical drama, the 28-year-old was put in a situation where the script demanded him to eat a snake out of hunger. And like a committed actor, Geun Suk munched on a real snake ripping it apart with his teeth.

At the press conference for the drama 'Deabak' on May 20, when Geun Suk was asked to share his experience on feasting on a real snake for the script, the actor told Allkpop: "I was already expecting hard work and heard the script writer's thorough explanations beforehand, so I had trust and decided to follow no matter what."

He continued: "It wasn't that hard eating snakes and stuff. When the red light comes on the camera, there is a pressure to portray something. In 'The Royal Gambler', I just chewed on a live crab, but later on when I think about it, I can feel vomit coming up my throat." He also added: "At first I doubted that it'll be a real snake, but they actually brought one, so I filmed it with a real snake."

Talking about his mindset on attempting difficult scenes, the Produce 101 actor stated: "When there was a hard scene, I started by wondering if I am capable to do them. Out of the many that required my great focus, there was never a scene this hard. It really allowed me the time to rethink my job as an actor."

Adding on, in an early interview with Soompi, the producer of ' Deabak' revealed that Geun Suk had to do two takes in order to film the snake skin peeling properly.

"There was a good atmosphere on set on the day of the mud flat scene. Since it took place after the snake eating scene, he wasn't too worried about it. On the day of the snake scene though, the entire staff was worried. But Jang Geun Suk made them laugh with jokes," he stated defining the shoot day.