Beijing company

A Beijing-based company that sells home brewery machinery has made it compulsory for all female employees to kiss their boss every day. The company claims that this will enhance corporate culture and unify its staff.

According to the new rules, every morning, between 9:00am and 9:30am, female employees are asked to line up and kiss their boss on lips, one by one, before beginning the day's work. According to Shanghaiist, despite initial reluctance, almost all female staff have agreed to their boss's demand. However, two members of staff refused and later resigned.

Meanwhile, the boss claims that this practice will help strengthen the bond between employees and managers and create a better corporate culture. He also claims that the female workers are really fond of him and miss him when he is gone. They also send him messages on WeChat when he is not around. Moreover, the manager claims that he had got this idea after he visited a company in the United States.

Photographs of the daily routine went viral on Facebook and attracted a lot of criticism. Many users asked how could the women agree to such a practice and work in a repulsive environment like this.

Nearly half of the company's staff is female and the boss said that the practice will bond them "like fish and water."