Watch Demi Rose's latest video: The model is sorry 'your boyfriend is looking'

It is an undisputed fact that when it comes to attention grabbing tactics, nobody does it better than Demi Rose, the Instagram hottie who continues to tease her fans with eye-popping raunchy posts.

In a recent video posted on her Instagram, the Rose cheekily apologizes to people for attracting the attention of their boyfriends. She captioned the short video: 'I'm sorry your boyfriend is looking.' The video is shot in Ibiza, Spain.

Demi Rose
Demi Rose/ Instagram

Demi Rose posts an Insta video

Wearing a sheer full-length skirt, Rose climbs the stairs as onlookers gape at her. The bright blue and purple sheer skirt covers her just enough to let eyeballs rolling around her. The skirt, split till her waist from both sides, provides an ample view of her booty as she sways her hips while taking the stairs in what appears to be a public place. The sheerness of the fabric gives an impression that Rose has ditched her inners.

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I'm sorry your boyfriend is looking...

A post shared by Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) on Jan 21, 2020 at 7:17pm PST

The 24-year old Instagram sensation pairs her skirt with a top having a plunging neckline, giving a clear glimpse of her jaw-dropping cleavage. The top is tied in a criss-cross manner on the back. The model also seen wearing a pair of long blue gloves partially covered with a pink fabric casually draped on her lower arm.

The sexy siren has sure caught the attention of both genders. Towards the end of the video, one couldn't help but notice a man wearing a cowboy hat who appears to be unable to peel his eyes away from Rose. The diva leaves her hair open and dons just enough make-up to highlight her beautiful features.

The video has already crossed 2.5 million views

The video has crossed 2.5 million views and the number is rising with each passing minute. With 4.6 million fans commenting on the video, it certainly appears that Rose's apology was well meant.

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Innocent eyes have the best view of the world. ✨ @azulikofficial

A post shared by Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) on Jan 21, 2020 at 1:15pm PST

"My girlfriend would nudge me to see if I was alive if I wasn't looking at you," commented a fan.

"You look like the main character in final fantasy walking around like that," wrote another fan.

"Girl I'd point you out. nothing wrong with admiring gods [sic] beauty. You go girl," admired another fan.

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A handful. @fashionnova fashionnovapartner

A post shared by Demi Rose (@demirosemawby) on Jan 14, 2020 at 10:30am PST

"Your hot asf, but being humble while being that hot is way more attractive," said another.

Recently, the British model posted a picture wearing nothing but a string bikini as she stood completely covered with oil. Rose captioned the picture that was taken in Tulum, Mexico: "Innocent eyes have the best view of the world. ✨"