WATCH: Chengdu chef gains popularity for viral dance moves while preparing noodles

A number of tourists have started visiting the chef as the video was going crazily viral.

A 31-year-old chef from Chengdu city, located in China's southwest Sichuan province, has become famous after a video capturing his smooth moves in the kitchen took the internet by storm. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that a video of Tian Bo dancing while making noodles went viral over the Chinese New Year holiday. Reportedly, the chef started his act to attract more customers from March 2016 as his business was not showing good income.

Over the time, Bo added pop music and dramatic facial expressions to his act that includes spinning, jumping and waving the noodles in a flamboyant manner. A number of tourists have started visiting him as the video was getting popular. Some of the touritsts came to the town only to visit him. Bo has even received job offers promising higher pay.

The signature "longevity noodles" that has become a speciality in the town of Huanglongxi is made up of a single strand of noodle long enough to fill an entire bowl.

Tian told SCMP that he would remain at the restaurant for some time, but he wants to start his own business later.

"He is so tantalising. I just stared at him and did not think about the noodles," a Weibo blogger said. While another user said: "I've seen him and I think he works too hard. He must get so tired from dancing and making noodles for long time."