Was Prince Louis Bored at Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Celebrations? Memes Showing His Facial Expressions Go Viral

Prince Louis, son of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton was the "show stopper" at Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. His facial expressions captured in the photographs and videos show that he was bored with the ongoing activities around him.

Social media followers have flooded various platforms with memes of the four-year-old prince terming him to be the "entertainer of the day".

However, a faction of the followers has criticized the prince and his parents stating that the behavior was disrespectful. They also stated that Prince Williams and Princess Kate Middleton should have prepared him to behave in the presence of the Queen at such an important event.

At the same time, there are individuals who have even stated that Prince Louis' behavior is not normal and he looks to be an autistic child.

Prince Louis

Wasn't Prince Louis Prepared to Attend the Event?

The memes created on Prince Louis include a picture segregating the royal family in two parts, one with the Queen being referred to as royalty and richness while the other half points at Prince Louis as British commoners and poor people.

Another meme indicates towards Prince Louis being an "autistic" child adding that autistic people behave weirdly in crowd and noisy surroundings.

An interesting meme shows the Prince Louis with his hands on his ears and screaming expressions stating, "This is how I feel when the media talks about Harry and Megan."

A report published by the New York Post stated that Louis' adorable display occurred when he and his famous family members gathered on a balcony during the Jubilee flypast amid huge cheers from the crowd on the Mall. They were there to watch as Royal Air Force planes roared overhead to kick off four days of celebration in honor of the Queen's Jubilee.

A Twitter user shared his views wrote, "Dear Prince Louis, thank you for giving us quality memes today. There is nothing I love more than an honest 4- year- old #PlatinumJubilee."

Another user shared, "Which Prince Louis are you? Queen's Jubilee scene-stealer inspires meme All I see is a totally disrespectful, brat child, that should have been way better prepared to behave appropriately in the presence of the Queen Shame on these parent frankly."

"This made me laugh. Thank you Prince Louis for reminding me that tantrums and silly behaviour is normal and even the royal family have to manage behavior (and occasionally without nannies!)" read a tweet.