Was Prince Andrew 'Obsessed with Anal Sex'? Former Massage Therapist Claims he was a 'Sex Pest'

'All the way through he [Prince Andrew] was talking about anal sex and making anal sex jokes,' Emma Gruenbaum, a former massage therapist of the royal said in an interview.

Prince Andrew's former massage therapist noted in a report on Friday that the Duke of York was a 'constant sex pest,' who demanded naked rubdowns. Emma Gruenbaum, 50, told The Sun that he made clear that he 'wanted more' when she massaged him. "He was a constant sex pest right from the start," Gruenbaum said before adding that the scandal-scarred Duke was obsessed with anal sex.

Describing her six sessions with the disgraced Prince in 2005, Gruenbaum noted that was 34 when she worked for him. His ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson had recommended her to him. She claimed that Prince Andrew tried to hug her post-massage sessions at the Royal Lodge and always insisted on being naked beneath the towel.

Prince Andrew still shares the Royal Lodge in Windsor Park with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The Pair got divorced in 1996, four years after separation.

Prince Andrew at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, 1st September 2011
Prince Andrew at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, 1st September 2011 Thorne1983 / Wikimedia Commons

'Hey, nice a**'

Gruenbaum noted that she complained when a staffer led her straight to the master suite after she arrived at the Royal Lodge. She was told by the staffer that there was no option as 'this was the way the duke liked it.'

Gruenbaum said that as she bent over to arrange her equipments, Prince Andrew came up from behind and said, "Hey nice a**. Do you take it up the a**?" "I went, 'None of your f**king business'," the PT said, adding the Duke of York had come close to her during that conversation that they were almost touching.

Despite the 'tense' introduction, they continued with their session. Gruenbaum noted that the prince was always naked under the towel.

Emma Gruenbaum
Emma Gruenbaum Screen grab - The Sun

'Anal sex jokes'

"All the way through he was talking about anal sex and making anal sex jokes. He asked when I had last had sex. It went on and on," she said. The PT also claimed that the royal would try to 'overstep the line' every time they met.

Gruenbaum noted that she made it pretty clear to him that she doesn't like being hugged. However, she said he possibly enjoyed her attempts to tell him off for his 'appropriate sexual talk' as he liked being spoken to 'like he was a naughty schoolboy.'

"He was just a creep," Gruenbaum said, before adding that Prince Andrew wanted more than a massage so her professional ethics led her to end their sessions.