Melania Trump took a jibe at Ivanka with 'I don't care' jacket? First Lady reveals

New details from 'Free, Melania', an unauthorized look into the life of Melania Trump reveals the 'Don't care' jacket wasn't about the First Lady's thoughts on immigration

Many would remember the day when the First Lady, Melania Trump caused quite the outrage when she donned a jacket with the text, "I really don't care, do you?" during her visit to a migrant child detention centre in June. A lot was said about the controversial message on the clothing with Melania and even President Trump responding with their own explanation. But it seems the real meaning behind it may have finally been uncovered.

Melania Trump's 'don't care' jacket was first spotted during her travel to the Texas detention centre. Though the First Lady never wore it during her arrival into the centre, she decided to put it on again during her return causing a media circus.

The message may have been uncovered by the release of 'Free, Melania'

Clearly, there seems to have been a message behind it but President Donald Trump had claimed earlier that it was a message aimed towards "Fake News Media". Whereas the Communications chief stated it was "just a jacket".

Melania Trump upset with Ivanka

Earlier last Tuesday, The truth behind the jacket's message may have been uncovered thanks to the release of 'Free, Melania'. A new biography offering an unauthorized look at the life of the First Lady by CNN reporter Kate Bennett.

Melania upset with stepdaughter Ivanka

Details inscribed in the book by Bennett suggest that the jacket was a jab at stepdaughter Ivanka Trump who serves as a senior White House aide. Earlier, Ivanka was on spotlight for helping stop President Trump in backing away from the family separation policy at the southern border which allegedly upset Melania.

Bennett wrote in the biography, 'Free, Melania' was rather a subtle message aimed at her stepdaughter than many believing it was the First Lady showing secretly unveiling her opinion on the immigration issue.

Melania's only issue with Ivanka seems to be regarding the power structure as the stepdaughter tries to get closer to the administration

"In my Melania-trained brain, I was almost certain the connection was to Ivanka and Zara and the way Ivanka had tried to take credit for getting Trump to soften his stance on immigration policy," Bennett wrote as reported by People. "I believed, and still do, that the jacket was a facetious jab at Ivanka and her near-constant attempts to attach herself to positive administration talking points."

Was it aimed at the media?

Melania, however, had a different story to share with the media on the 'Don't care' jacket stating that it "was a kind of message, yes" but aimed at the media. The First Lady had revealed during an interview that "it was for the people and for the left-wing media who are criticising me."

It is possible that Mrs Trump may have backtracked from stating her displeasure after looking at the backlash coverage. Even Benett states she takes notes on unflattering stories bashing her.

Clearly, Melania's only issue with Ivanka seems to be regarding the power structure as the stepdaughter tries to get closer to the administration. 'Free, Melania' is on now sale.