Was Hins Cheung kicked out of Hunan TV's 'I Am A Singer' for views on HK independence?

Hins Cheung's portion erased from upcoming premiere episode amid furor over his alleged support of Hong Kong independence.

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Hins Cheung
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The promotional material of Hunan TV's singing competition "I Am A Singer" has sparked a lot of controversies. The disappearance of Hong Kong singer Hins Cheung has caught the eyeballs, which triggered rumours that he has been kicked out of the program. This is the second time the singer has been removed from a Hunan TV program. In 2015, for the show's Season 4. he was removed for supporting Hong Kong's independence move.

The poster of the fifth season doesn't have Cheung in spite of confirming as a contestant. According to Straits Times, Hins Cheung's portion has been erased from the upcoming premiere episode amid a furor over his alleged support of the Hong Kong independence movement. Though he was supposed to compete with other singers like Sandy Lam, Teresa Carpio and the Lion band of Jam Hsiao, his recording for the first episode "Kissing Too Realistically" has been reportedly erased by the production team.

Cheung had sung his song, Kissing Too Realistically, in the episode that was recorded last Tuesday and is scheduled to air on Saturday, said Apple Daily. "But Hunan TV is suspected to have cut him out of the show under the pressure of public opinion. Hunan TV also removed information and posts about the China-born, Hong Kong-based Cheung from its official website and Weibo page," the report said.

Strait Times further stated: "TV critic Mangguo Nuhanzi wrote on his Weibo account that the scenes and songs of Hins Cheung were removed from Episode 1 slated to air on Saturday, Jan. 21. The incident triggered speculations on social media that the singer's alleged previous remark that supported the "Occupy Central" movement in Hong Kong."

Though Cheung is from Hong Kong, he was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province in 1981. In a post on Sina Weibo, Cheung clarified: "Words and materials were made up to label me as a supporter of 'Hong Kong Independence ... I want to reaffirm that I am Chinese and definitely not a supporter of 'Hong Kong Independence." However, there are also reports that his Facebook posts support Hong Kong's bid for independence from China.

This article was first published on January 18, 2017