Was Angelina Jolie furious at Brad Pitt for talking to Jennifer Aniston?

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got married in 2014.

Angelina Jolie is allegedly upset with Brad Pitt for being in touch with former wife Jennifer Aniston. The actor apparently reached out to the Friends star to following the death of her mother Nancy Dow.

A source told In Touch: "It was their first moment in months without the kids or staff around. Angie thought a good one-on-one conversation would enable them to finally catch up on their lives. Then, Brad casually mentioned that he'd reached out to Jen to send his sympathy after her mom passed away in May. He didn't think it was a big deal."

The insider added: "To Angie, it was akin to Brad dropping a nuclear bomb. She was furious they'd reunited."

Rumours keep surfacing that Jolie and Pitt are on the verge of a divorce. During an interview with The New York Times, the Maleficent actress said she and Pitt got married while they were at their desks working. She said: "The ceremony was in France, but we had to do things legally in California. One day I was in the edit room, and [Brad] was doing something and an assistant said, 'You have to sign some papers.' So we came back and between meetings we were told, 'Here's your license.' Then someone said, 'The judge is outside'. We both said, 'what do you mean, the judge is outside?' Then the judge came in, this lovely guy, and at some point, Brad said, 'Shouldn't we be standing up?' The judge said, 'No'. Then suddenly we realized we were married, in the most unceremonial way possible."

However, for Jolie the more significant moment was something else. She said: "For me, the big moment was when [we] signed the [joint adoption] papers for Maddox and Zahara. That was a decision to parent together, to commit to being a part of each other's lives for the rest of my life. So [marriage] wasn't close in comparison. In a way, it was very casual."