Warner Media Entertainment reveals the launch date, price, programming details of HBO Max

HBO Max will be streaming from next year May 2020 and will be available at the price of $14.99 per month which is lower than Netflix's monthly subscription

HBO Max Revealed

The wait is finally over! Warner Media Entertainment has introduced its highly anticipated streaming services, HBO Max. The online streaming platform will start its journey in May 2020. The entertainment group also revealed the programming details for HBO Max which will be streaming from next year. The list is surprising yet all in all competition with Netflix. HBO Max is an upcoming subscription video-on-demand service from Warner Media Entertainment.

Undoubtedly, the streaming services are pushing the boundaries for TV shows and movies nowadays and in spite of many streaming platforms, Netflix has maintained its number one position pretty well. However, it appears that the tables are about to turn as Warner Media has entered into the market with HBO Max. The announcements made lately today revealed dozens of TV series, movies, and originals to stream similar to Netflix.

Warner Media which is comprised of HBO, Turner and Warner Bros contemplate the possibility of putting contents in HBO Max from the libraries of Warner Bros., New Line, DC, CNN, TNT, TBS, and Cartoon Network. All of them will be available in one place and it would be facile for fans to roll all their favorite shows into one. HBO Max will hold premium content which has been created for all types of the audience be it young adults, kids or families.

The subscription for the online streaming platform will be available at the price of $14.99 per month which is lower than Netflix's monthly subscription, however, those who are current HBO and HBO Now subscribers will not need to pay any amount to become a member of HBO Max. Subscribers will have access to the full HBO library as well, including all of the new shows scheduled to be released in the future.

Like Netflix, HBO Max will also have its original titles that people can only get from subscribing to the service. There will be shows like Friends and Big Bang Theory which will soon become the property of HBO Max and people will be able to watch such shows there only. It is better to wait for next year to get more genuine revelations from the Warner Media Group.

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