Want to win simulation game Tropico 6? Here are top 10 tips

Limbic Entertainment's latest release, the Tropico 6 is a construction, management and political simulation game in the Tropico series, published by Kalypso Media. It gives players the ability to expand their reach to multiple islands.

This game promises focus on trade and administration equally. It has various transportation techniques, while incorporating various island landscapes in a profitable manner -- one can dig for gold, construct waterfalls for tourist attractions, and many more.

The best aspect of Tropico, however, is its tongue-in-cheek humour which delicately satirises modern stereotypes surrounding politics and people. It is quite amusing to check up on random citizens' thoughts when they leave the Tavern.

For a rich treasury and a smooth rule as "El Presidente", here are some tips:

1: Trading will increase the Food happiness of the people. A couple of Sugar plantations for each Distillery will keep the number constant, and easy money from Rum exports is a quick buck.

If playing in the World War era, clothes and cigars will be good trade options. Boats and furniture that will be later additions will also help make a heavy profits. The modern era will benefit most out of Fashion company and Juicery.

2: Don't be afraid of pissing off a superpower. Choose between the Allies or the Axis Powers. Choosing a side will give the people a target and will develop relationships with the other. Since all wars will come to an end, make the best of it while it lasts. Maintain good relationships with at least one superpower to ensure profitable trade.

Tropico 6 is a game about raising your very own Banana Republic
Tropico 6 is a game about raising your very own Banana Republic Screenshot- Tropico 6

3: Certain edicts like Tax Cut, State Loan and Free Wheels are helpful in gaining approval, quick money and expediting commute. Use Edicts as often as possible. In times of need for boost- like around the elections, use the Audience edict to get three factions with the lowest approval to give you tasks. Employee Of The Month makes people work double shifts, with a minimal running cost.

4: Docks are a blessing for to-and-fro trade, so naturally, more docks = More shipments = More money. Unless certain trade contracts get signed, losses will not occur at the docks. Lots of Teamsters to transport goods for refinement and export will help. One Teamster office for two factories is advised.

Tropico 6 features huge maps
Tropico 6 features huge maps with lots of potential for experimentation Screenshot- Tropico 6

5: Many changes in the constitution will be asked for. It is best to research the constitution topics as soon as you have the chance. It will be easy to reform as and when needed, as you like. Note that while some policies will bring statistical change, certain people may react differently to it - that means, negatively. Some policies benefit monetarily, and others -- non-monetarily.

6: Watching the treasury during the Cold War will show large shipments coming in and larger expenses being made to run Tropico. Fraud Banks exist in Tropico 6, but when in need of just a little higher credit limit, upgrade the Bank to get a 5,000-buck extension. Banks also have a Slush Funds mode if you want your Swiss Bank account with a bit more oomph.

7: Pirates are an asset -- use them for raids. You can build a Pirate Cove from the very start, and they are useful in treasure hunts, loots and rescue missions. By the time you make a Spy Academy, you will be accumulating excessive Raid points. Raid missions do not cost anything. Sending teams from raid facilities for completing tasks will show rise in educated citizens, treasury, unlocked blueprints and suppressing superpowers.

Tropico 6
Tropico 6 allows you to get up close and personal in people's business Screenshot- Tropico 6

8: Care for employees. Housing near work areas and a healthy pay works wonders. If a solid economy has been built, raise the budget for workplaces to the maximum. Thus, if economic status improves, people move out from Bunkheads into apartments. Make houses where you see shacks -- reduce the distance for travel.

9: You will only be able to construct one Wonder in each era, so choose wisely. The Registan of Samarkand gives all visitors a High School education so it's a useful Wonder to have initially. "Borrow" the Wonders that can boost the economy the most, which will help boost tourist visits. Accommodation and entertainment at an exclusive spot for tourists will reduce risks of bad ratings.

10: Have faith. It will help overcome various rebellious thoughts and make crime rates drop. The Radio Tower, TV Station and Newspaper are a plus -- use them as and when necessary to create a highly diverse industry. Use that to make more money and strengthen your propaganda.

As a world of its own, heavy rebellion, demanding faction leaders and disdain from foreign momentous people are a part of Tropica 6.