Song Joong Ki

Ever since the release of the Descendants of the Sun, South Korean heartthrobs Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have been garnering a lot of attention. The fans have been adoring both the actors for their mesmerising chemistry both on-screen and off-screen.

Well, that didn't stop there as we all know that the Song Song couple has tied the knot recently in Seoul and stepped into a married life together. There is no denial over the fact that Song Joong Ki has completely ruled over Song Hye Kyo's heart. He knows exactly how to love and treat her lady love and that should be the aim for all you singles out there who are ready to mingle.

IBTimes Singapore has compiled a list of the most romantic pick-up lines from the hit Korean drama titled Descendants of the Sun that shows how Captain Yoo Si Jin managed to charm the socks off our leading lady, Kang Mo Yeon.

Song Joong Ki

1. Kang Mo Yeon: "When I come to the movie theatre, this is the moment when I get most excited. Right before they turn off the lights."

Yoo Si Jin: "Out of all the moments in my life, I am the most excited right now. Being with a beautiful lady right before the lights turn off."

Song Joong Ki

2. Yoo Si Jin: "Put this [jacket] on. I can see through your clothes."

Kang Mo Yeon: "Why did you give this to me only now?!"

Yoo Si Jin: "Because I've seen everything already, and I don't want anyone else to."

Song Joong-ki
An official poster from 'Descendants of the Sun' featuring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo.

3. Yoo Si Jin: "The only way to beat a minefield is to go slow. Try to relax, and enjoy the sexy view [of my behind]."

Kang Mo Yeon: "It's moments like this where your jokes give me strength."

Yoo Si Jin: "The joke was me telling you to relax. The rest is a fact."

Song Hye-kyo
Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki in a still of a scene from 'Descendants of the Sun.'

4. Yoo Si Jin: "Are you jealous?"

Kang Mo Yeon: "If she's that pretty, you should've dated her."

Kang Mo Yeon: "What are you doing?"

Yoo Si Jin: "I'm shutting your mouth in a sexy way. You can try talking again."

Descendent of the Sun: Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo
Still from the hit series Descendant of the Sun. Facebook/Descendant of the Sun

5. Yoo Si Jin: "You're different in the morning and the afternoon…"

Kang Mo Yeon: "How am I different?"

Yoo Si Jin: "In the morning, you're very pretty."

Yoo Si Jin: "In the afternoon, you're awfully pretty."

Song Joong Ki
Still from Descendants of the Sun Twitter

6. Yoo Si Jin: "Are you crying right now?"

Kang Mo Yeon: "Is it okay in there? Do you need anything?"

Yoo Si Jin: "I need C4 or RDX."

Kang Mo Yeon: "What is that?"

Yoo Si Jin: "Explosives. I was okay until now, but I suddenly want to break the door and get out. Because of somebody."

Song Joong Ki

7. Yoo Si Jin: "Dispatched troops are not allowed to drink."

Kang Mo Yeon: "You look like you want to drink it very badly."

Yoo Si Jin: "I can find another way to drink it."

Song Joong Ki
Screen grab from the video YouTube

8. Yoo Si Jin: "Don't be embarrassed just because I found out that you like me. Even so, it doesn't change that I like you more.

Yoo Si Jin: "By the way, you look pretty today."

Kang Mo Yeon: (Blushes) "Stop it!"

Song Joong Ki

9. Yoo Si Jin: "After kissing you without permission…"

Kang Mo Yeon: "I told you not to bring it up first-"

Yoo Si Jin: "What should I do? Should I apologise…"

Yoo Si Jin: "Or should I confess my love?"

Song Joong Ki

10. Yoo Si Jin: "Will we part ways soon? Is your name on the list of people returning to Korea?"

Kang Mo Yeon: "No."

Yoo Si Jin: "No?"

Kang Mo Yeon: "I'm staying."

Yoo Si Jin: "Why? It can't be because of me."

Kang Mo Yeon: "It is. I'm staying because of you. I want to spend more time with you. I think I just confessed my feelings, should I apologise?"

Yoo Si Jin: "How do you think I'll respond?"