Want free iOS apps? Check today's App Store sale

App Store sale
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If you're looking for premium iOS apps that you can get for free, the App Store has lots of them today. From a versatile video editor to a document scanner, this list has them for you. Make sure to get them as soon as possible since this is a limited time offer.

VideoShowHero (US$4.99)

VideoShowHero is an all-in-one video editing app that stands out due to its amazing features, filters, and uber powerful editing capabilities.

Download VideoShowHero for iOS from the App Store.

Artwork Evolution (US$2.99)

Artwork Evolution simulates evolution using images that can breed together to create new visual lifeforms. Each image contains digital DNA, which describes how to draw an image. Every time images are evolved or mutated the DNA is modified to vary the colors, structures, and forms.

Download Artwork Evolution for iOS from the App Store.

SharpScan Pro (US$2.99)

SharpScan automatically produces small, clear, and legible standard PDF documents from any photos at a very high speed. Share documents as a tiny black and white PDF and convert them to color, grey, or original anytime with no pixel loss.

Download SharpScan Pro for iOS from the App Store.

Moby's Revenge (US$0.99)

Evil humans captured poor Moby in an aquarium. After rescuing Moby, he gets his revenge and starts his jelly-cious journey. Moby uses the waste of the humans as a tool against them. Collect starfishes and upgrade his special abilities to get even higher scores. Collect all the achievements and challenge your friends on Game Center.

Download Moby's Revenge for iOS from the App Store.

Coyn (US$1.99)

Coyn is the most powerful tool for anyone who uses cash for daily expenses or even has cash incomes (gift cards, pocket money, etc). It helps you to track your cash activities and keep the records only to yourself.

Download Coyn for iOS from the App Store.

Glow Neon Heart Lights (US$0.99)

Draw a heart to show your lover your love. Draw a flower to show children your kind. This app has lots of customization options for you to choose from.

Download Glow Neon Heart Lights for iOS from the App Store.