Wanna One's Park Woo Jin, Park Ji Hoon apologize for hair-pulling video

Wanna One
Wanna One. twitter.com/wannaone_twt

Korean boy band Wanna One members Park Woo Jin and Park Ji Hoon have issued apologizes over a hair-pulling incident involving them inside an airplane that was captured on video.

The video, believed to have been recorded by a fan, showed Park Woo Jin pulling Park Ji Hoon by the hair as they enter an airplane. It was uploaded online and spread to different sites including YouTube.

YMC Entertainment, which manages Wanna One, said it's a misunderstanding as the two were just playing.

This screenshot shows Park Woo Jin pulling Park Ji Hoon’s hair
This screenshot shows Park Woo Jin pulling Park Ji Hoon’s hair Facebook and screenshot from YouTube video

As the controversy grew, the two boys issued separate apologies to clarify any misunderstanding.

"Firstly, I apologize for causing so many people to worry. Woo Jin and I are same-aged friends, and as we're really close, there are times we get kind of rough when we joke around with each other. I didn't know that playfulness would become a big deal like this," Park Ji Hoon wrote.

He added that after the video, "Woo Jin fixed my hair for me, and we talked to each other with no problem. When we joke around, we don't feel bad, and we don't get hurt or have hurt feelings. There's no problem between us, and we're getting along well. You don't have to worry. I'll be careful to show a good image and not worry so many people in the future."

Park Woo Jin wrote that he's "sincerely sorry that I acted in a way that would cause so much worry in a public space."

"Ji Hoon and I usually joke around roughly with each other, and I think that made people who saw it uncomfortable. I'll behave more carefully, so this sort of thing doesn't become an issue. I'll also try harder to show you a good image."

Wanna One debuted last August and the temporary group will disband in December as stated in their contracts.