Wanna One's Ong Sung Woo And Park Ji Hoon are surprisingly good actors, says 'SNL Korea' program director

Second episode of Wanna One's 'SNL Korea' performance airs tonight.

Wanna One
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'Wanna One' has become the most talked about South Korean boy band after they debuted on August 7, this year. However, few would have guessed that band members Ong Sung-woo and Park Ji-hoon would turn out to be really good actors as well. At least, the PD of 'SNL Korea' thinks so.

As noted by website Soompi, Wanna One members Ong Sung-woo and Park Ji-hoon will be seen parodying the popular 2013 South Korean crime drama movie 'New World,' on the August 19 broadcast of 'SNL Korea.' Ong Sung-woo will parody actor Lee Jung-jae's role, while Park Ji-hoon will be seen parodying actor Park Sung-woong's role. It seems they did a good job with the roles.

The PD of 'SNL Korea' praised both the 'Wanna One' members and said, "Ong Sung-woo and Park Ji-hoon showcased great acting skills. Although it is a parody, you won't be able to believe that they're just rookies. Their expressive and immersive acting surprised many on set."

Soompi notes that Ong Sung-woo, who was the last 'Wanna One' member to play dream boyfriends of SNL cast member Lee Se-young, for 'SNL Korea 9's' hilarious '3-Minute Boyfriend' program segment, was praised for his expressive performance on that show.

In that segment, Ong Sung-woo is seen trying to cheer up Lee Se-young, who is not doing well with her studies. Sung-woo makes some funny faces which force her to crack up at inappropriate moments, such as one when she is being reprimanded by her teacher in the class. Watch the clip below.

In the music front, 'Wanna One' is doing great as their debut title song "Energetic" is hitting all the right notes among music lovers. The track, originally composed by Hui of boy band Pentagon, has scored a real-time all-kill, which is said to be rare in the K-pop scene.

'Wanna One' also released the performance version MV of 'Energetic' today, notes Soompi, after their official MV for the song hit a milestone of 10,110,111 views. The bright and colourfully photographed music video shows off Wanna One's wonderful coordination among each other. The music video features some truly "energetic" performances which say a lot about the eye-catching choreography of the MV. Watch the video below.

As for the second episode of Wanna One's 'SNL Korea performance,' it airs tonight at 10.20 p.m. KST on tvN.

This article was first published on August 19, 2017