Wanna One's Ong Seong Wu expresses concern over Fantagio's power grab issue

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Wanna One, Ong Seong Wu, Fantagio
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Korean boy band Wanna One's Ong Seong Wu has expressed his concerns about the management dispute at his agency Fantagio.

Ong Seong Wu is under contract with Fantagio but is temporarily being managed by YMC Entertainment because of Wanna One.

Fantagio employees have vowed to go on strike after the agency's founder Na Byeong Joon was ousted from his position as CEO last December 28 by the majority shareholder, JC Group from China.

JC Group bought 50.7 percent of Fantagio's shares last October to have a controlling stake in the company. Na Byeong Joon was removed and JC Group installed Wei Jie as the only CEO.

Ong Seong Wu said he "was so surprised to hear about the leave of founder Na Byung Jun. Is everyone including Mr. Na and other employees okay?"

He added that "I, as well as my fans, think of Na Byung Jun daepyonim as like a father. He's the person who has allowed the current Ong Seong Wu to exist. My fans started a hashtag movement for Mr. Na, and I was so grateful for that. I dearly hope Fantagio family come together in times like this and the issue be resolved as soon as possible."

Fantagio employees' statement read that "if CEO Na Byung Joon is not immediately reinstated to his position and the Korean branch of the Chinese major shareholder does not halt their illegal and abnormal interventions into our business practices, the staff employees will go on a general strike. All employees will protect their company and artists from the current illegal tyranny."

They accused the Chinese company of "unfair transfers and terminations."

"We have delivered our position to the shareholders and are awaiting a response. We are trying our best to resolve the situation through dialogue. We will do our best to minimize the impact this will have on our artists, but we will not hesitate to go on a general strike if necessary," they added.

This article was first published on January 9, 2018