Wanna One's Hwang Min Hyun says hugging a female fan for the first time made his heart flutter

Hwang Min-hyun says his only dating experience was a virtual one; he never had a real girlfriend.

Wanna One's Hwang Min-hyun
Wanna One boy band member Hwang Min-hyun. instagram.com/wanna_one_official

Wanna One's Hwang Min-hyun has an interesting story to tell regarding his dating experience so far and it's both funny and sad at the same time. Particularly shocking is an experience with a female fan.

As noted by website Soompi, Hwang Min-hyun was a guest on the August 3 episode of KBS2's 'Happy Together,' where, while talking about his dating life, he said his first experience of physical touch with an outsider of the opposite sex, was with a female fan. "I experienced physical touch for the first time when I hugged and shook hands with fans at a fan meeting. I was so nervous and my heart was fluttering," Min-hyun said.

Initially, the conversation with the Wanna One singer had begun with the issue of dating. Master of ceremonies (MC) Yoo Jae-suk sought a clarification from him about a rumour, asking, "They say that you have been single since birth. I can't believe it." Min-hyun replied, "I haven't been single since birth. I dated someone when I was in my third year of middle school." However, he added that it wasn't dating in its purest sense. "But the dating wasn't really dating. We were chatting on a messenger and we ended up dating because we had agreed upon it. We just did that and then we broke up," Min-hyun said.

When the others on 'Happy Together' joked about it, saying, "That is being single since birth. That's just cyber dating," Min-hyun continued, "We broke up naturally. The confession was done through a text message. I ended up confessing because my school friends pushed me to."

The singer made thought-provoking point on virtual dating and how it degrades human relationships by saying, "When we broke up there was no text message; we just broke up naturally. It was awkward when we met at school. Since we had only talked through the messenger, I was only affectionate on the messenger."

The situation which seemed funny initially, felt even grimmer when the MCs asked Min-hyun whether he had ever gone out on a date with her, He replied he hadn't.

The arrival of computers, the internet and cell phones have created paradigm shift in the world and has changed society for ever. However, it has also adversely affected human relationships and willingness to interact with the outside world; to some extent at least. People have best friends and lovers on their social media accounts who they haven't even met in real life. Friendships are made and broken by a single click of the mouse.

If anything, Hwang Min-hyun's dating experience is quite sad. Thankfully, being a band member, he receives plenty of human touch and warmth from his fans and hopefully, he'll be able to go on a real date with someone.

This article was first published on August 4, 2017