WalkMe to Drive Growth in APAC Through a Key Leadership Appointment

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WalkMe, the enterprise digital adoptions solutions provider, continues to grow leaps and bounds. Founded in 2011, WalkMe launched its first product in 2012 and experienced exponential growth. Gartner recognized the unique value of WalkMe's Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) and recognized the company as one of the key players in the new Digital Adoption Solutions Category in 2019.

The need for DAP platforms is underlined by the demand for WalkMe's products, and the company went public on June 16th, 2021, via a listing on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. The DAP allows organizations to measure and chart their drive towards digital transformation goals and reap the full potential of their software investments. Currently, over 2,000 companies across the world have realized the potential of digitally transforming their businesses.

Digital transformation has become a major investment area for enterprises. Research conducted by the International Data Corporation in 2019 revealed that digital transformation investment was expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% until 2023, and approach an overall size of $7 trillion.
Regional Growth

WalkMe's success is built on the foundation laid by its employees and the ecosystem of DAP professionals that use and elevate its features. As the company's DAP platform gains even more popularity, and the need for digital transformation accelerates, the company recognizes the need to focus on regional growth. With this in mind, WalkMe announced the appointment of Sandie Overtveld as Vice President & General Manager of APAC and Simon Blunn as the go-to market head in EMEA.

Sandie Overtveld joins WalkMe from Zendesk, where he served as Vice President Sales, Strategic Enterprise Accounts EMEA & APAC. Under his leadership, Asia Pacific became one of Zendesk's fastest and most consistently growing regions, which outpaced the brand's global growth rate. Before joining Zendesk, Sandie held a number of senior roles with global technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft in Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, and the UK.

Within WalkMe Overtveld's chief responsibility will be helping organizations bring visibility and insights into their tech stacks and deliver digital adoption at scale in the region. While insights are useful, taking action on them is what drives growth. Overtfeld's extensive experience in the APAC region and his familiarity with business needs puts him in a great position to grow WalkMe's footprint.


Overtveld's primary challenge will be creating a localization strategy that takes the multilingual and cultural factors of the APAC region into account. While many organizations have failed to translate their value proposition into sales in the region, Overtveld believes he has the tools to succeed, partly because of WalkMe's strong international presence.

The most important metrics he'll be using to measure his brief are customer churn rate and growth rates. Given the important role WalkMe's employees play in the company, Overtveld will focus extensively on work satisfaction and employee happiness programs as well.

Rapid Adoption

WalkMe's success stems from a mission to make technology adapt to people, instead of forcing people to learn unintuitive tech stacks. As digital transformation initiatives accelerate around the world, there's no doubt that WalkMe's DAP will continue to assist CIOs and business leaders in improving user experiences, productivity, and business efficiency.

The future of digital adoption solutions is exciting and WalkMe is leading the charge.

This article was first published on August 12, 2021